Cullen DNA Project- Background



Collinge, Culhane, Culhoon, Culin, Cull, Cullan, Cullen, Cullens, Culley, Cullhoun, Cullian, Cullie, Cullin, Cullina, Cullinan, Cullinane, Culling, Cullinge, Cullings, Cullins, Cullion, Culloon, Culls, Cullum, Kilcullen, MacCullen, McCallion, McCullen, McCullin, Van Culin


Welcome to the Cullen DNA Project. This website at Family Tree DNA was created in July 2011 and will be updated as time permits. Please see our main project website at which includes people who tested at other companies and family tree information for some of our members.

General Fund

Current balance: $0.00

Type Amount Date Donor Note KitNum Donation Type
Debit $0.00 6/30/2009 D5293 Multi Kit Order 157810 Unknown
Debit $0.00 6/30/2009 D5293 Multi Kit Order 157809 Unknown
Debit $0.00 6/30/2009 D5293 Multi Kit Order 157808 Unknown
Credit $49.00 12/5/2007 Jan Coffin     Unknown
Debit $49.00 12/5/2007   Kit 43418 43418 Unknown
Debit $75.00 11/1/2007   Kit 105726 105726 Unknown
Credit $50.00 10/30/2007 James Cullen     Unknown
Credit $25.00 10/30/2007 Jan Coffin     Unknown