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About us

Welcome to the Cullen DNA Project. Please see our additional project website at which includes people who tested at other companies and family tree information for some of our members. Please click all the links in the column at left to see our DNA results.

Our project uses Y chromosome testing to trace paternal lines. The Y chromosome is passed down from father to son, so we need males named Cullen to do these tests. We also cover any name similar to Cullen, see the Surnames link at left. Women interested in tracing their Cullen ancestry can ask a brother, nephew or cousin named Cullen (or variant spelling) to do a 37 marker type test.

To join the project please click on the Join Request link near the top of the page. If you already have a FTDNA kit number and password, please enter it. If you have not done any DNA testing, you will be directed to a purchase page. We recommend a 37 marker test which is currently $149, but for those on a budget the 12 marker test for $59 is a good start. The prices linked from our project page should be the lowest prices you can find anywhere at FTDNA. The charge to send the kit is approximately $12.95. You will need to give a cheek swab DNA sample and you can return the sample by US mail or your country's postal service for approximately $2 or $3. If you have any questions about which kit to order, etc please contact