Cenel Eoghain Y DNA Project - Goals

This project was created to find a common ancestor with surnames associated with the Cenel Eoghain.
This includes various Haplogroups within the surnames associated with the Cenel Eoghain.

Especially those surnames with Hg's I2b1, R1a1, R-L48, R-U106, R-L21, and R-M222.

(Ua Neill )O'Neill, (Mac Lochlainn) McLaughlin, ( Mac Bearáin) Barron's, ( Mac Seáin )McShane / Johnson, (Ó Domhailen) DEVLIN's, Mac Gilla Escoip (GILLESPIE, MacANASPIE, BISHOP), (Mac Íomhar) MacIVER, MacKEEVER, MacURE, ORR, ( Mac Ladhmann )CLEMENT, LAMOND, LYMON, MACLAMONT , (Mac Conmidhe) MacNAMEE, MacCONAMY, MacMEADH, (Mac Niall )Mac Niell, (Ua laithbertaigh) Laverty, Lafferty, (Ó Gairmleadhaigh )O'Gormley O'Patton, (O Luinigh) O'Loony, (Mac Cathmhaoil )Campell, Cadwell, MacCawell , ( Clann Cathmhaoil ) MacKeaghery, MacFetridge, Mac (Giolla Mhártain) Gillmarti , ( Maolgeimridh )Mulgemery,Montgomery , (Maolpadraig )Kilpatrick, O'Quinns, O'Mallons, Mulfaal, Mulfavil, MacFael, Mulfoyle or Mac Paul, O'Hamill ,O'Hosey, (Ó Cathain )O'Kane, O'Mullan, MacCloskey,O'Carolan, (Mac Ettigan) Mac Eitigen, Brannigan, Fee, Gillander, Crean.

The decendants of Anrothan O'Neill in Scotland , the MacNeil's of Barra, Lamont's , McSween's, MacEwen of Otter and Lachlan's.

Another goal is to Aquire the y-dna of the current chiefs of their respected clans associated with the Cenel Eoghain. To separate fact from ancient myth's.

Find possible foreign influences or NPE among the possible Cenel Eoghain descendants.

I would like those who join to have been tested for their SNP or are in the process of obtaining a SNP test.

This group is NOT exclusive for those only tested positive for L21 or M222 .

Anyone with the a surname associated with the Cenel Eoghain or has been SNP tested can join .