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I1 Z140 YDNA Project

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For the latest news and results, join the I1-Z140 YDNA Project forum at Facebook:
There, results and charts are collated from all testing, all labs. The Z140 Project Tree is based on all results.

If you have a result that you do not understand, or want to know which SNPs to test next, have a word with one of our Admins. Post a message on our Facebook page, and you will get the info you require. Have a look under 'Photos' and 'Files' and you'll see charts and trees that may hold the answers you are looking for. But bear in mind the older data is likely out of date. It is there as an historical record to show how the Z140 Project has progressed over the years, from its Y-12 to Y-37 STR testing origins, with just a handful of ancient SNPs, Z140,Z141, F2642, L338 etc.

Why are people testing FGC Elite and FTDNA Big-Y ?
Both read all of your Y-genome. 
Illumina makes an instrument called a DNA sequencer. With a sample of DNA, like a swab of saliva, one of these machines can determine the order of DNA's four bases: G (guanine), C (cytosine), A (adenine) and T (thymine). That information is reported as a text string, called a read, which a computer can interpret.
The data is placed in a .BAM file. That file is analysed by FGC or FTDNA and results are posted. That file can also be analysed by members of this project.
FGC Elite and FTDNA Big-Y give you all of your SNPs and Variants, from the present day, back to genetic-Adam. No need to test any further. Further analysis can also list up to 500 STR markers, as well as mtDNA [female to female DNA].
So testing 
FGC Elite and FTDNA Big-Y is recommended by this project, not just to find your own SNPs and Variants, but to add to the project SNP pool, so that others can test 'your' SNPs, and you can discover genuine genetic matches.