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ALL claims of Davidic Descent and direct provable descent from Biblical figures are false, and made without any scientific or historical evidence.

The actual rabbinical ancestry of Theodore E. Kandell is from the Eventov family of Belarus, which historically was the "Ivier" and "Ashkenazi" family and which has been confirmed by DNA testing to be descended from the J1c3d-L147.1+ L858- Ashkenazi-Treves family
The false claim of Davidic Descent via Rashi first made in 1819 on the title page of Brit Olam by Yitzhak Ashkenazi (Ivier):
Sefer Brit Olam, Vilna, 1819
The false claim of Davidic Descent for the Treves family made by Dr. Neil Rosenstein in
The Lurie Legacy: The House of Davidic Royal Descent published and sold by Avotaynu
The false claim of Davidic Descent via Rabbi Abraham Broda of Prague (G2b2-M377 L72+) who is an ancestor of Nancy H. Grossman, which includes the Lubavitcher Rebbes:
Dr. Neil Rosenstein, Braude Beginnings Avotaynu XVI/3/43 Fall 2000
Based on a false pedigree invented by Beilinson in 1880 for the 5th Lubavitcher Rebbe tracing him to R. Abraham Broda the "Eshel Avraham".

Genetics is a science. There is much to learn from a study of the origins of Jewish families with known genealogies confirmed by Y (and mtDNA) testing, including tracing IBD segments, severe population bottleneck and rapid population expansions among Ashkenazim, as well as connections to Hispanics, French Canadians, Huguenots, Cajuns, Mennonites, South Italians, North American European Colonials and others. Our shared ancestry and historical documentation of Jewish migrations can explain a lot about shared disease risk alleles between Jews and others, as well as the non-Jewish sources (especially North African and Iberian sources) of Jewish ancestry. An emphasis on Davidic Descent, descent from Biblical Aaron, and "Pure Israelite Blood" is totally contrary to mainstream Rabbinic Judaism (e.g. Tractate Kiddushin). As the Rambam said, defining the normative traditional Jewish perspective, the Moshiach will come from an unknown family. Rabbi Akiva was the son of converts. Anything else is not only scientifically false, but something very foreign, contrary to the Maimonidean spirit of Jewish tradition. It's about time we all spoke up, told the truth and stand up and stop those who profit off of false claims of "Davidic" and "Biblical Aaron" descent.

Ted Kandell
Nancy Grossman