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About us

The goal of our yDNA project is very clear - we wish to find the missing links between all the different Yearsley groups that cannot be discovered through standard online and paper-based traditional research. We are particularly keen to discover any links between the the two largest groups, namely the Yearsley's of the Forest of Dean and the Yearsley's of Cheshire. To date no links have been found so we are actively looking for new yNDA study participants to make big breakthroughs.

Yearsley Surname Group Objectives: 

(1) To investigate the genetic connections between Yearsley's of English, Welsh, Scottish or Irish origins.
(2) To investigate the genetic connections between Yearsley's worldwide and their migration routes. 
(3) To investigate historical links (if any) to the villages of Yearsley (Yorkshire), Eardisley (Herefordshire), and Yeardsley cum Whaley (Cheshire). 
(4) To investigate any connection between the Yearsley surname and all of its variants; such as Yarsley, Yarslei, Yardsley, Yardley, Yearley, Yearnsley, Yearslei, Yearsly, Yearsey, Yeasley, Yeisley, Yersley, Yersely, Yeresley, Yerzley, Yerzeley, Yerdesleigh, Yerdesley, Yeardley, Yeardsley, Yereslay, Yeedeleye, Yhereslay, Yowarslay, Erdeleg, Gerdelai, and Jerdeleye.