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Q-M242 Y-DNA

  • 1112 members

About us

As a Haplogroup Project, The Q yDNA Haplogroup Project serves the Genetic Genealogy by:

  • Exploring the history of the Haplogroup since its members' most distant shared ancestor.
  • Tracking the geography the Haplogroup and its subclades.
  • Examining the age of the Haplogroup and its subclades.

The project is open to all Family Tree DNA clients who meet one of these qualifications:

  • Have tested positive for M242 or P36.2 at Family Tree DNA or be predicted positive through their system.
  • Have tested positive for M242 or P36.2 at another lab and send a copy of their results certificate to project administration.
  • Have a positive yDNA match who shares a paper trail ancestor in under eleven generations.

If this describes your kit or a kit that you have proxy rights for, you may join by following this link and filling in your kit number and password. You do not need to order a new kit.

In addition to the Family Tree DNA Administrator's Guidelines, the project shall:

  • Inform all project members before allowing their results to be used outside of the project.
  • Inform all project members of policy changes.