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WW1 Missing Legacy

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If you wish to leave a genetic memorial to your WWI relative (whether or not they are missing), you can do so on a variety of different websites, but the most relevant would be:

The following template is suggested:

Michael Spierin (1896-1916) was my second cousin twice removed. One of about 10 children, he was the son of Michael Edward Speirin and Mary Cummins, who moved from Dublin to Birkenhead sometime after 1911. Michael died of wounds sustained by artillery fire in May 1916 and is buried in Bethune Town Cemetery - plot V. C. 22.

The family tree is online at

Various relatives of Michael Spierin have undergone DNA testing. Michael's DNA is shared by the following people:
Y-DNA ... kit AQHYD on Ysearch, or 209715 on FTDNA (his 2nd cousin once removed).
mtDNA ... no one tested as yet, but he has mtDNA cousins in Birkenhead.
atDNA ... kit 221175 on FTDNA & T903658 on Gedmatch (his paternal 1st cousin).


28th July 2014: the project is launched to coincide with the start of World War One on July 28th 1914