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Wright Surname Y-DNA

Y-DNA, autosomal DNA, mtDNA - all Wright descendants welcome!
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About us

We are the Official Worldwide Wright DNA Project for ALL Wrights including surname variations.

We host three separate initiatives: (1) the FTDNA Wright Surname project, (2) the Wright Surname - DNA Genealogy Facebook group, and (3) the Wright-DNA.ORG pedigree page. [We no longer monitor the www.Wright-DNA.org webpages.]

Our objective is to use the Y Chromosome test samples submitted to construct family groups and define lineages. These will be enhanced with traditional genealogical family trees and autosomal DNA test results submitted by our members. We hope to match individuals and families who share common Wright ancestors and break through researchers’ brick walls.

[1] We recommend MALE Wrights take FTDNA's Y37 test or greater. Higher levels of testing are valuable in delineating lineages within common haplogroups and large families. We can help you decide. If you're surname isn't Wright, but suspect you might be one, take the Y37 test. If you have maternal Wright ancestors, try to locate a male Wright relative, and ask that person to do a Y-DNA test! The same recommendation holds for female Wrights.

[2] We kindly request that Wright Project Members submit your direct line Pedigree to your most distant validated Wright ancestor. You may email us at ftdna.wright@gmail.com or post your pedigree to our facebook group.

There are examples at http://wright-ftdna.appspot.com/#/pedigrees. If you are unhappy with a pedigree that we've posted, please let us know so we can make changes or updates.

If you do not want your pedigree made public, let us know. Similarly we try not to post information on living individuals, so inform us about that too. It isn’t our intent to violate anyone’s privacy.

[3] Please send us a URL to any online family tree you maintain and any GEDMatch ID numbers for individuals in your family file. If you haven’t done so, please also Upload a family tree Gedcom to your FTDNA home page. 

[4] We wholeheartedly encourage ALL WRIGHT descendants, male and female, to take autosomal DNA tests (such as FTDNA’s Family Finder). You can also transfer prior DNA test results from other companies to FTDNA to keep all your test results in one place. In addition, everyone should upload their autosomal test results to GEDmatch - a free service for comparing results among test takers from different companies.


On your log in home page, left-hand side under your Profile: Click on the orange link “Manage Personal Information

1) Optimize your privacy settings

- Step 1: Select the tab Privacy & Sharing

- Step 2: Set "Project Members” for “Who can view my Earliest Known Ancestor”

- Step 3: Set "Anyone" for "Who can view my DNA results in group projects?"

- Step 4: Set “Limited" for "How much access do Project Administrators have to my account?"

2) Fill in your Paternal Line MDA

- Step 1: Select the tab Genealogy

- Step 2: Choose "Most Distant Ancestors" tab and enter your ancestor information.

- Step 3: Choose “Family Tree” tab and determine your privacy preferences for living individuals and deceased individuals

3) Name a backup beneficiary of your kit

- Step 1: Select the tab Beneficiary Information

- Step 2: Fill in the form. If you don’t have designated person, you can grant authorization to an FTDNA project administrator provided you contact us.

Contact us for further details.


IMPORTANT LEGAL DISCLAIMER: Our project, its members, and administrators have no expertise in genetic studies and have not independently verified the claims of Family Tree DNA, so do not take responsibility for any results or disclosures of private information that may arise as a result of participation in this project. Participation is welcome, but strictly voluntary and each participant should satisfy himself as to issues of reliability and confidentiality, as neither this group (Wright Y-DNA) nor the administrators of this project are making any representations or assurances.