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We are just getting started and encourage you to join us in our discoveries. We have also established a General Fund, to accept donations in any currency via credit card. These funds will be held at the testing company, and used to help sponsor test kits for those key males who would otherwise be unable to afford the cost of participation in the project. We encourage you to make a donation. To make a donation please click on the last link on the left, entitled "Contribute to the Surname Project General Fund".

If you decide to donate, please specify "Worthington Project General Fund" in the top box of the Donation form. Both the Y DNA and the mtDNA test results contain no personal information, and you will match or be a close match to those to whom you are related. This is an opportunity to learn more about your origins and ancestry. Order your test kit TODAY!!! Click on the Join link on the top in the blue sidebar on the left, labeled "Request to Join this Group".
  • 18 Oct 2009: The 4th annual general meeting of the Worthington 17th-Century Project and the inaugural meeting of the Worthington Family History Society wwere jointly held at The Thomas Balch Library, leesburg, Virginia, USA. A presentation was made on the "Worthington Y-DNA Project".