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About us

The objectives of this project are to enable those with Woodwards among their ancestors to determine which group their family belongs to, prove or disprove theories regarding ancestors, validate research, and solve “brick walls.” We seek Woodwards to establish contact with others who might have information to share and ultimately identify specific areas of England from which their immigrant Woodward originated. Those who have researched Woodwards can provide particularly valuable contributions to the project. Men with the name Woodward or any variation of it are encouraged to join by sending in a DNA swab. This project is not limited to the United States. European, Canadian, and other Woodwards are welcome to join. Interested women should invite their Woodward father, uncle, brother, or male cousin to participate. The basic test costs $99. To order, see links on the upper left corner of this page. If a person is willing to be tested but wishes to remain anonymous, no problem. Just sign up as "Anonymous Woodward" or use a fictitious name. All participants are identified by their kit number. For privacy information, see links on this page. So far, all Woodwards in the project are sharing their history. If you have been tested with other DNA projects such as Genographic, Ancestry, Gene Tree, Sorenson, or Oxford Ancestors, and wish to join this Woodward DNA Genealogy, it should be easy to do. Go to your personal page at the other project where there should be an option to convert and join our Surname Project or go to the Family Tree DNA home page where you will find more information on the left side of the page.