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About us

The Witherspoon Family Project is open to all who are interested in working together to find their common heritage through sharing of information and genetic DNA testing. All variant spellings are welcome. Weatherspoon, Wetherspoon, Witherell, Witherite, Withers, Witherspoon The WITHERSPOON family Surname DNA Project uses Y DNA and autosomal testing to find matches between participants that enable them to achieve their goals in Genealogical research. This is a Y DNA, Autosomal DNA and MtDNA DNA project for those with the WITHERSPOON surname or a variant spelling. To participate in this FTDNA project DNA testers will be asked to change their Privacy and Sharing settings on their DNA kit for Administrators to view their matches “Limited Access” or “Advanced Access” in order to group charts and also their results to Sharing with other FTDNA matches "Opt In To Sharing". Note: This DNA project is FTDNA company and is not associated in any form with a Facebook group listed as Witherspoon family or Witherspoon DNA. The Adms. for this project are volunteers. Thank you. Janet Burks, Adm.