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(This page last updated 17 Nov 2019)

Windham Family Surname Project



The Windham Family DNA Project was created in 2006 by John B. Windham of Metairie, Louisiana, in an effort to establish Y-DNA profiles for Windham lineages, along with variant spellings of the name. The profiles allow Windham family researchers to find a common ancestor to connect their Windham ancestral lineage. When traditional methods of research finally hit the proverbial "brick wall", a DNA test may help in identifying your branch of the family. The Windham Family DNA Project was created to use this approach, by determining  which Windham family groups are related.  Y-DNA is carried by males, passed from father to son.  If you are a Windham female and would like to know about your Windham paternal line, you would need to have a Windham male relative to test.

We would like to welcome Windham/ Wyndham males who are currently living in England, with some knowledge of your lineage to test with FTDNA. We are interested in working to connect the American and English lines. We are also interested in learning more about the lines in England. By working together, across the pond, we can help each other.

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It is recommended that you order a minimum of 37 markers, although 67 are preferred. A few members have ordered the Big Y 700, which has been very helpful.