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About us

NEWS (February 2015): A new web site design includes the ability to post photos and comments, exchange thoughts, pose questions and answers, and otherwise expand your interaction with Willour-Wheeler genealogy and DNA testing. At least for now, all communication is limited to project members. I encourage everyone to participate..

For family researchers of all related spellings: Willour, Whellour, Wheelor, Wheeler, and more....

Are these careless spellings, or are there real distinctions among them? Is there a common place of origin? A common ancestor? Is the pedigree we as family genealogists have worked so hard to develop truly accurate?

Now you can add the power of DNA testing to your own family research. To enable all of us to learn more about our family connections, you are invited to join this Willour project (including all of the alternate spellings above). Y-DNA and Family Finder tests are especially appropriate, although mtDNA can also be helpful on an individual basis.

Please go to http://worldfamilies.net/surnames/willour or to https://www.familytreedna.com/public/Willour DNA Project. These sites provide useful information and the opportunity to join the Willour DNA Project.

Of course you may also write to me directly: doriswh@gmail.com.