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About us

4 June 2007

The goals of the project are to find:

Connections with others that have the same surname;
Proof that families with the same surname are related;
Surname modifications;
Geographic movement of this surname.

24 June 2012 Update:

Since we now have only 10 members, but two different haplogroups, we can see that our descendants are not all descended from the same lineage.  Only time will tell how and where our Wiggington, Wigington, Wigginton, Wiginton, Wygenton, etc. descendants came from and how we are related or not related as the case may be.

27 July 2014 Update:

We now have 13 members and still only 2 different Haplogroups.  All in the Haplogroup of G (both confirmed and unconfirmed) are the G-M201, G-P15 (G1a) and the G-P303 (G1a1a1).  In the R Haplogroup we have the R-M512 (R1a1a) and R-U106  (R1b1a1a1a1b). We need more individuals to join in order to start drawing any conclusion.

PLEASE NOTE:  These Haplogroup names have changed over time as the understanding of the DNA has advanced.  So if you read articles on your particular haplogroup you need to understand the different names that your DNA has been called in order to understand how these groups have evolved to the present classifications.