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Whittle - Variants: Whittell, Whitell, Whittall, Wittle

(i) locative name from Whittle (Lancs, Northumb), Whittle le Woods (Lancs), or topographic for someone who lived ‘(by the) white hill’, from Middle English whit(te) + hil(le). Whittles Farm in Mapledurham (Oxon) is Whitelewe, 1493 in (Place-Names of Oxon), ‘white hill’, from Old English hlǣw.

(ii) locative name for someone who lived ‘(by the) clear spring or stream’, from Middle English whit(te) + wel(la), wel(l)e : Whittles Hall in Springfield (Essex) was the home of Hasculph de Whitewell, 1346 in Close Rolls, and Whitwell (Cambs) is pronounced Wittle.

The early distributions of Whittall and Whittle overlap in Lancs and Cheshire, and some forms may belong with Whitehall
Source: The Oxford Dictionary of Family Names in Britain and Ireland, 2016

The Whittle DNA Project is for anyone with ancestors of the surname Whittle or related variations.
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