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Whitener Weidner Widener Weitenauer Wittner DNA

1.Peter Witenar (Weidner B Witener B Weitenauer) was born c1680 in Switzerland or Germany, died in the winter of 1733-34 in Oley Township, Berks County, PA. Peter married Catherina Schneider, the daughter of Johan Heinrich Schneider, c1707 B c1717. The families were in PA before 1725 when the will of J:Heinrich Schneider was probated in Roxboro Twp., Philadelphia County, PA.

1.DNA kit # 42696
Peter Witenar c1680 B 1733/4
Heinrich Witner of NC 1717 B 1792
Daniel Whitener of NC 1750 B 1833
Henry D. Whitener of 1790 B 1847
Henry H. Whitener of NC 1822 B 1895

2.DNA kit # 58804
Peter Witenar c1680 B1733/4
Heinrich Witner of NC 1717 B 1792
Daniel Whitener of NC 1750 - 1833
Daniel D. Whitener of NC 1788 B 1859
Henry Whitener of NC 1813 B 1856
Peter Wilfong Whitener of NC 1840 B 1914

3.DNA kit # 59852
Peter Witenar c1680 B 1733-4
Isaac Widener of SC 1725 B before Aug. 1784
Jacob Widener of SC c1755 B between July B Dec. 1821
Moses Widener of SC and AL c1789 B after 1870
Andrew Widener of GA 1830 B 1862, Died VA in Civil War
Moses Widener of GA 1860 B 1896

4.DNA kit # 67199
Peter Witenar c1680 B 1733/4
Heinrich Witner of NC 1717 B 1792
Daniel Whitener of NC 1750 B 1833
John D. Whitener of NC & GA c1784 B 1855
Davidson Whitener of GA 1834 B 1862 VA, Civil War
John Wesley Whitener

5.DNA kit # 67200
Peter Witenar c1680 B 1733-4
Heinrich Witner of NC 1717 B 1792
Daniel Whitener of NC 1750 B 1833
Henry D. Whitener of NC 1790 B 1847
Z. B. Whitener of NC 1815 B 1899
Henry Agustus Whitener of NC 1854 B 1939

6.DNA kit #75329
Peter Witenar c1680 B 1733/4
Isaac Widener of SC 1725 B before Dec. 1784
Jacob Widener of SC 1755 B between July B Dec. 1821
Isaac Widener of SC and AR 1788 B after 1860
John Jackson Widener of GA 1823

7. DNA kit # 112123
Peter Witenar - Catherina Schneider
Heinrich Wittner - Catherina Moll
Daniel Whitener - Mary Wilfong
Johannas Wilfong Whitener - Mary Margaret Miller
Wesley Jones Whitener - Nancy Caroline Rogers
Hiram Anthony Whitener - Frances Ida TAte
Hiram Wesley Whitener - Flora Ida Rape
Herschel Wilburn Whitener - Vivian V. Johnson and their sons
Donald B. Whitener and Glen W. Whitener

2.Adam Weidner/Wittner was born c1680 in Switzerland or Germany and died c1745 in Oley Township, Berks County, PA. He emigrated to PA between 1723, when his son Tychicus was born and 1727 when the ships list were begun. The Oath of Allegiance (taken by those born in a foreign country) of Adam and his sons gives us the timing when Adam emigrated to Pennsylvania.

A DNA kit # 42697
Adam Weidner c1680 B c1745 PA
Michael Whitener of NC c1720 B 1796
Benjamin Whitener of NC c1755 B 1764, - Feb./March 1816
John B. Whitener of NC c1788 - 1854
Andrew Michael Whitener of NC 1817 B 1867
David Madison Whitener of NC 1848 - 1918

2.DNA kit # 65716
Adam Weidner c1680 B c1745 PA
Lazarus Weidner of PA c1723 B 1802
John Weidner of PA c1765
Joseph Weidner of PA c1797
George Sallade Weidner of PA 1844 - 1918
William George Weidner of PA 1885 B 1966
Richard George Weidner of PA 1908 B 1992
Richard George Weidner, Jr. of PA 1934 B

3.Descendants of either Adam Weidner or Peter Witenar The two men were kin and descendants share the same DNA.

1.DNA kit # 50065
Howard H. Widener, author of Wideners of America wrote that Jacob D.
Widener's daughter said her father came down from Pennsylvania with his brother and had a sister named Betsy who married a Dr. Clippinger and they lived in Carlisle, Ohio. The son William wrote that his father, Jacob and his brother Samuel parted in Virginia and Samuel went to Pennsylvania and Jacob to Maryland where he married.Weidner Genealogist Diana Quinones believes that Jacob D. Widener descends from Adam. As you see the brother and sister told very different stories about their father. Which makes finding the family difficult.

Samuel Weidner of Franklin Co., PA in 1827 made a mortgage to Jacob
D. Widener of Washington Co., MD, who in 1834 moved to Fairfield Co., Ohio. Jacob D. was a brick manufacturer. Jacob D. Widener named his oldest son "Samuel", suggesting that the Samuel Widener of Franklin Co., PA was probably his father or kinsman.

Jacob D. Widener Feb. 20, 1803 PA? B 1855 Ohio
Mary Ann Beard, Jan. 21, 1808 Md (wife)1868 Ohio
Samuel T. Widener 1828 MD died in Kentucky
Elizabeth Ellen Widener 1829 MD B 1834 MD
John Widener 1830 in MD
Philip B. Widener 1832 MD
Sarah A. Widener 1836 Ohio
Susan J. Widener 1839 Ohio
Jacob Drinkle Widener 1840 Ohio D 1903
William J. Widener 1843 Ohio
Mary E. (Malinda) 1844 in Ohio
Margaret 1853 Ohio

John Clarence Widener,B. November 26, 1924, Cushing, Ok. USA, gave the DNA; was the son of Philip C. Widener, who was the son of John Clarence Widener, who was the son of Phillip B. who was the son of Jacob D. Widener, born Feb. 20, 1803.

2.DNA kit # 86221
David Weidner, born c1785 PA, m. Elizabeth Heppenheimer. He was living in Lancaster County, PA. DNA of descendant agrees with both
the DNA of Adam Widner and Peter Witenar. Attention should be
given to family of Isaac Widener, born 1725 PA and died SC, the son of
Peter and Catherina (Schneider) Witenar.

David Weidner born 1812 PA, m. Catherine Kolb
David K. Weidner born 1846 PA, m. Mary C. McGee
David C. Weidner born 1876 PA, m. Isabelle Lindsay
Odell R. Weidner born 1920 Ohio m. Lois Frew
Terry Weidner born 1949 Ohio, m. Susan Gillig

C. DNA kit # 95509
George Weidner born c1813 PA, lived in Robeson, PA when married in
1832, died before 1880. Married Trinity Lutheran Church.

John S. Weidner, born 1835 in Berks Co., PA, and died 1915 in
Freemansville, Berks Co., PA. Buried Christ Yocum Cemetery,
Cumru Twp., Berks Co., PA. in 1915.
Samuel B. Weidner, born 1865 Cumru Twp., Berks Co., PA. and was
buried Christ Yocum Cemetery, Cumru Twp, Berks Co., 1936.
Jacob H. Weidner, born 1891 in Cumru Twp., Berks Co., PA
and died 1973 in Reading, PA.
Paul Lester Weidner born 1916 Reading, PA, died 1965 Berks Co. PA
Paul James Weidner born 1946 Reading, PA.

A. DNA kit # 26916
IV. Ludwig Weidner arrived in Pennsylvania 1 August 1747 on the Vernon. Also
on the ship was Hans Wilhelm Weidner. ( In blander Vernon, , Ablander"is
another name for ship.) Ludwig Weidner married twice: Maria Engel Gerst in
PA and Barbara (? Boger) in NC. Ludwig served in the Revolution in NC, but
moved west to TN, where he was a Commissioner, dying 5 June 1809 in
Hawkins County, TN.
Ludwig Lewis Witner/Weidener/Widener B. 1725/1730 D. 1806
Henry Widener 1759/1847
Michael B.1808
James S. Widner B.1842 D.1909
Grover Daniel Widner B. 1888 D. 1945
Harold Adrin Widner B.1913 D. 1966
B. DNA Kit# 188243
Ludwig Witner/Weidner/Widener b. 1725/1730 d. 1806
Henry Widener b. 1759- d. 1847
Jacob Widener 1792-1855
Zebadee Widener 1824 - 1905
William Henry Widener 1849 - 1894
Zebadee Widener b. 1889
Charles Widner b. 1921

V. Wideners of Wideners Valley, Washington County, Virginia
Johannes AJohn@ Widener, born 1729 Germany, and died 19 Sept. 1801
Washington County, VA.

3.DNA kit #71708
Johannes Widener 1729 B 1801 VA
Michael Widener 1750 Germany, died 12 April 1843 Washinton Co., VA
Samuel B. Widener 1822 B 1899 VA
John ABooger@ Widener 1861 B 1880 VA
Lewis M. Widener 5 April 1900 B 9 March 1967 VA
Herman McCall Widener 18 June 1921 B 1 March 1992 VA
Jimmy Douglas Widener born 20 Feb. 1943 VA

4.DNA kit # 79851
Johannes AJohn@ Widener 1729 B 1801 VA
John Thaddeus Widener
David L. Widener
Henry Clay Widener
George Washington Widener
Esker C. Widener
Hugh L. Widener
Michael B Widener

VI. Heinrich Weidner and Philip Conrad Weidner arrived in Philadelphia on the
Ship Molly in 1741. They were cousins from Odernheim.

A. DNA kit # 79850
Leonhard Weidner born 1560 Schabatz, Thuringia
Johan Leonhard Weidner born 1588 Ottersheim B 1655
Heinrich Leonhard Weidner born Duesseldorf 1622
Hans Heinrich Christian Weidner born 1657 Odernheim
Heinrich Weidner born 1719 B 1723 Odernheim. He was the Heinrich Weidner
on the ship Molly
Heinrich Widner
John Widner
Henry Thomas Widner
Roseberry B. Widner

Ray Wilbur AHazen@ Widner
Donald Ray Widner
NOTE!  This Kit# 79850 does not match 2 other Kits claiming Leonhard Weidner as their descendant.

B. DNA kit # 46347 Ralph Weidner
The family believes they descend from Leonhard Weidner, born 1560 Schabatz,
While the genetic markers suggest this is true, there is a different haplo number
from other descendants of Leonhard Weidner, born Schabatz. This family
may want to have another family member tested.

C. DNA Kit # 197073 John Wesley Widner
This family believes they descend  from Leonhard Weidner B. 1560 and is exact match of DNA Kit # 46347 Ralph Weidner

` C. DNA kit # 87197
Heinrich Widener born 1732-3 married his brother=s widow, Mary (Clackner)
Henry Widener, Jr. born 1788
Kinsey A. Widener born 1822
Howard Hamlin Widener, author of Wideners in America
Raymond Benton Widener, born 1887
Jay Carlton Widener, born 1922

D. Benjamen Widner, born 1794, Geneva, NY, died 2/14/1866 in Adams Co., IA. Married Margaret Taylor, Novemeber 1818, Richmond Co., OH

VII. William Widener of Georgia
William Widener, born c1830 in SC or FL, and died before 1870, possibly in the Civil War. William married twice, and 2nd Elizabeth Smith, the daughter of John Smith and his wife Mary. Elizabeth("Eliza/Lizzie") born c1840 in GA. and died after 1880 in GA.

Children: Matilda (Widener) White, born c1853. appears on 1880 Census McDuffie Co., GA as a (step) daughter of Eliza (Smith) Widener.

A. DNA kit # 91796
William Widener married Elizabeth Smith
William J. Widener, born c1860 GA and died between 1882 - 1892..
Andrew Jackson Ebenezer AEben@ Widener born 1866 in GA or FL, and died
1910 near Girard, GA., buried in Corinth Christian Church Cemetery. Eben
married Theresa G. Royal, 1866 - 1932. Children: Bessie, James, Hattie,
Walter, Lizzie, and Glenn. James "Jim" Widener died in 1918 in WWI, and
his name is on the monument in Waynesboro, GA.
Glenn Norman Widner, 1903 - 1925, married Bertha Flake, 1903 -1989. They
had two sons: James Hillis Widner 1921 - 1941 and Glenn Wesley Widner.
Glenn Wesley Widner born 1923, married Juanita Williams 1945, she was
born 1929.
Glenn Wesley Widner, Jr., born 1947 and married Kathy Brown.

VIII. Weidners of Northampton and Lehigh County, PA

A. DNA kit # 87196
Charles Joseph Weidner, born c1869 in PA and died between 1910 B 1920. He

married Sarah Ann Willimet, b1868 B after 1930 in Lehigh County. PA.
Children: Frank Joseph, Edna, Carrie, John
Frank Joseph Weidner of Hellertown, PA, 1890 B 1974 and married Anne
Elizabeth Werst, Children: James David Weidner, Guy Weidner
James David Weidner born 5. 2. 1920. Children: James David (Jr.) and
John Mark Weidner
Guy Weidner Child: a son Lee Weidner

IX Charles Nelson Whitener, DNA kit N44278
Sadly, I have no information on this line

X. William Widener of Fairfield County, SC
DNA @ 137268
William Widener, born 1811 - Susanna Beam SC
Soloman Widener, born 1849 - Laura Smith, SC
Charles Widener, born 1899 - Bertha Peterson , SC to Gaston Co, NC
Charles Odell Widener, born 1927 - Ida Jean Cummings, SC to NC
Eugene Greer Widener 1954 - 2007. Gaston Co, NC
Alan Eugene Widener SC-FL

XI. DNA 139539
Heinrich/Henry Widner, born c1810 TN - died Mercer Co., MO
m. Sarah Dodson, d/of William Dodson & Sarah Robson
Samuel Widner also moved from TN to Mercer Co. MO

XII. DNA # 144821
Wittenauers from the Black Forrest (Schwarzwald)
Three brothers, Stephen, Ignatz, and Lorenz emigrated from the Black Forrest area of Germany to Louisville, KY, where the settled in the 1850s. All three brothers fought in the Civil War, but, sadly, Stephen and Lorenz Wittenauer died in the War.
1860 Mercer County, M) Census.

(Ignatz Wittenauer from Sasbach/Bühl in Baden received permission from Stuttgart to emigrate. This appears to be an older Ignatz Wittenauer. AWM)

There are also Wittenauers from Kirchdorf in Baden who emigrated in the 1850s)

Additional Information on the families outlined above: