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Created for the purpose of assisting fellow genealogists of the White surname in their quest to locate and connect with their ancestors. All members of the White surname family are encouraged to participate in this research. To join the White yDNA Project, you will need to submit a brief pedigree of your White family male line of descent, beginning with the earliest know ancestor, down to the person being tested. Include ancestor's name, dates, spouse's name and places lived. Your join request will be approved when the White project administrator receives the pedigree. To be eligible to participate in the White yDNA project, you MUST be a MALE who was born into a White family. If you became a member of a White family through adoption, you are welcome to join this project, but your yDNA matches will likely come from another surname. If you are testing mtDNA, either as a male or a female, please provide your connection to the White surname as a part of your join request. THE WHITE PROJECT REQUIRES A BRIEF PEDIGREE AND JOIN APPROVAL BEFORE JOINING WRITE TO THE PROJECT ADMINISTRATOR AT: msvnhrn@jps.net, TO DETERMINE IF THIS IS THE RIGHT PROJECT FOR YOUR NEEDS. Please subscribe to the White-DNA mail list at RootsWeb.com: http://lists.rootsweb.ancestry.com/index/surname/w/white.html#WHITE-DNA Use this mail list to ask question and discuss your family research with your matches.