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1. Click the Results tab and the Y Results tab to get a current report and charts regarding the FTDNA Wells DNA project 2. An email group has been organized to discuss Wells Family lineage as it pertains to the Wells DNA project and keep abreast of new items. You do not have to be a tester to join the email group. Please contact the group administrator to join the email group. 3. The National Geographic Society has created the Genographic Project. Family Tree DNA is among other DNA testing companies helping National Geographic with the testing. As a participant tester with FTNDA you have the opportunity to add your test results to this important project that will study the genetic roots of mankind. 4. Scholarships or donations are definitely welcome to assist potential testers who are unable to absorb the total cost of the test. Testers who order the 12-marker test can upgrade to the 37-marker or higher test at a later date. But first time testers are encouraged to take the 37-marker Y-DNA test as we have found it to be the most suitable for matching others.  Special pricing is given when ordering through this surname project site.