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About us

This Surname Study Project uses DNA to assist family members with documented ancestry to confirm their kinship and others to genetically discover with their ancestry by taking a simple, painless cheek swab. Families whose direct paternal line has the surnames LaViolette, Vilet, Vilett, Villet, Viol, Viola, Violet, Violett, Violette, Violetto, Vylet, Vylit, Vyolet and/or similar derivatives worldwide are invited to participate.

Kinship to families with known ancestry is not required.

Females may enlist their father, brother, uncle or male cousin to participate by proxy. Adoptees, in-laws, grandchildren and others may also qualify for participation by proxy.

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Click on the "FAQ about DNA testing and genealogy by genetics" link to find out how DNA testing works. Note that Study participants get a lab fee discount at every participation level. The basic 12 marker Y-DNA test is only $100.00. Results are shared privately among Study participants, regardless of participation level.

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