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About us

The Van Meter Surname Project was started to answer a few questions about our family history. Van Meter is used as the generic spelling, for all of the various ways this name can be spelled. However, this project is meant to include those named Van Meter, Vanmeter, Van Matre, Van Metre, van Meteren, van Meeteren and any other name that is believed to be a variation there of.

• Almost everyone in the United States and Canada, with an ancestor named Van Meter, is descended from Jan Joosten (1626-1704) or Jan Gysbertsen (1624-?). What we don't know is if these two were related.
• We also don't know if they were related to the landed nobility named Van Meteren or if they were just from the town of Meteren in Gelderland.
• A third question is if they, and hence we, are related to the van Meteren and van Meeteren families in the Netherlands today.
• And finally, is Emanuel van Meteren, of Antwerp, one of our ancestors? He was the Consul for the Traders of the Low Countries in London and an historian who’s published works are highly held. His father Jacobus financed and published the first English language version of the Bible.

When the genealogical paper trails end, one way to find out is through genetic testing. The Van Meter surname is passed from father to son and is typically not changed due to marriage etc. The same is true for the Y-chromosome. So by testing males (sorry no women) and males only, we can answer some of the above questions. If you are a male with the last name of Van Meter you can volunteer and help us answer these questions. This involves a cheek swab NOT a blood test. For more information click on "Request to Join This Group". If you are a woman and your maiden name is Van Meter, you can participate by having one of your male Van Meter relatives, take the test.