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Deutsche Sprache für FOELLER, FELLER-Familien von Seulberg/von Frankfurt-am-Main (auch Volga Deutsche) sehen unten. Foellers, Fellers with known ancestors from Seulberg, Germany back to 1870s, or earlier, may qualify for testing at reduced rate(s). Please inquire. Your Group Administrator-George Valko has enjoyed more than 15 years gathering FELLER, VELLER and FOELLER genealogy data and published 5 family history books including a VELLER family history of Volga Germans. See Surnames Feller, Foeller, Foller, Vehler, Veller, Villers, Villier, Voeller, Voller and Weller are European and seem to be radiating out from Bern, Switzerland in a 500Km radius to the north, west and south in 17th and 18th centuries. The above names are found in northern Italy, France near the border with Germany and central Germany. The most frequent occurrence, by anecdotal evidence, of these surnames seems to be the Swiss / Germany border areas. Each participant gets their results from with access codes to their data, a certificate, and positive and negative relationship results within the family surname group. 37 or 67 marker tests are the best entry to the group. The more markers tested reduces the time frame to any common ancestor. Test fees are determined by Please visit the site for helpful information regarding all DNA testing, pricing and privacy information. Please contact George Valko for questions, comments or suggestions about Our Family / Unsere Familie family genealogy/family history for Feller, Foeller, Foller, Vehler, Veller, Villers, Villier, Voeller, Voller and Weller surnames. NOTE- the Y-DNA tests can show common ancestors thousands of years before the adoption of surnames. Y-DNA IS PASSED IN AN UNBROKEN CHAIN FROM FATHER TO SON. Females should request a brother or male cousin with that surname to be tested. Preferred yDNA test is Y-DNA37 or Y-DNA67.