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All Unkefers and Uncaphers in the United States are descended from Johannes Martin Ungefehr, who came from Lambsheim, Germany in the early 1700s. This is proven by the DNA of one Unkefer and one Uncapher who have tested and who share the terminal SNP R-FGC17275. This is a subclade of R-U106, a very common northern European clade. The two descendants of Johannes Martin Ungefehr also share this terminal SNP with a distant cousin whose family remained in Germany. The shared paternal ancestor of all three probably lived prior to 1600.

Where did this ancestor live before he lived in the Frankenthal area, near the Rhine, southwest of Frankfurt? We don't yet know, but as more Europeans test their Y-DNA, we may learn more. One intriguing clue is that a small number of men who have undergone advanced testing and share the subclade CTS3104 appear to be from Scandinavian countries. Their shared ancestor with the Ungefehrs lived about 4,000 years ago, so it's difficult to say what happened in the intervening millennia. Only more data will solve these mysteries!