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As of April 2018, I no able to view the project members test results. I assume this is due to an incompatibility in the FTDNA web page and my web browser.  In any case, this seems like a good time to resign as a project administrator and hand over the project to another person.   If you are interested in volunteering as a project administrator, please email one of the remaining project admins, or if they do not respond, please contact FTDNA.
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Welcome to the mitochondrial DNA haplogroup U1 project!  Haplogroup U1 is found at very low frequency throughout Europe. It is found more often in eastern Europe, Anatolia and the Near East. It is also found at low frequencies in India.  U1 is a very ancient haplogroup, with an estimated age of about 32,000 years. U1 was found in at about 4% frequency in Svanetia (Georgia, Caucasus).  U1 is rareyl found among the northern and Atlantic fringes of Europe including the British Isles and Scandinavia.  U1b has a similar spread but is rarer than U1a. Some examples of U1b have been found among Jewish diaspora.  It is possible that U1 might also have been found in an ancient DNA sample in the Ukraine dating to about 6000 years ago.

If you have only tested at the HVR level please consider upgrading to the full mtDNA sequence (FMS) also known as the mtHVRtoMega upgrade.

Project Updates:

Feb 16, 2012:
Gail has joined as a volunteer project administrator to group the project results in daughter haplogroups.  If you have not already shared your coding region results with the project admin, please consider doing this so that I can assign you to the correct sub-haplogroup of U1.  The coding region results will not be shown on the webpage and will not be made public.  If you have suggestions for the project or would like more specific information about your haplogroup, please send me and email at the address above.

Aug 10, 2012: 
I've noticed that only a small number of people who tested as haplogroup U1 at FTDNA have joined the U1 project.  If you are in haplogroup U1 please join the project and also please email your HVR1 matches to invite them to join the project.