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Stella Pierce Stella Pierce has a question!
May 22 @ 2:39pm
Does anyone have any more definitive information about haplogroup U6a3c? Some time ago, someone posted that this is common in Ghana.
Marcus Scott
July 6 @ 8:29pm
It is not really common in Ghana at all. It has been found there, and some have said elsewhere, like in Guinesa-Bissau (I am U6a3c as well). Ultimately, however, it is of North African origin, but given its rarity, finding where else it is distributed will probably remain difficult.
Jourdan Coppage Jourdan Coppage
December 17 @ 3:26pm
I am African-American, and my haplogroup is U6a3c. Just curious as to the possible regional origin of this grouping. I'd always assumed it was either North African , or from areas now in Senegal or Mauritania
Stella Pierce
June 29 @ 5:26pm
My haplogroup is the same as yours. Christopher Anderson mentioned earlier that our haplogroup I found in Ghana.
Marcus Scott
July 6 @ 7:37pm
Hey, Jourdan. It actually turns out that you and I are matched up by the mtDNA test. (I am also U6a3c). As far as the Ghana connection, U6a3c is also said to have been found in Guinea-Bissau and other West African locations, but there is still not much known about this subclade given its apparent rarity, it seems. Ultimately, though, Jourdan is correct: U6a3c is ultimately of North African origin.
Boni Vega Boni Vega has a question!
December 13 @ 1:55am
Any U6a3b out there?
Robert Dupree
December 31 @ 6:20am
Yes. I have two exact matches among 13 total matches. I was able to connect the one and we were able to identify our common ancestor. In 23andMe, I found another U6A3 and we determined that he also has the same common ancestor. I have not been able to trace the other exact match to a common ancestor.
Boni Vega
January 3 @ 6:51pm
Sorry I did not see your reply until now.
Boni Vega
January 3 @ 6:52pm
Are any of your known ancestors from Spain or Portugal?
Robert Dupree
July 6 @ 1:35pm
No. They are from the British Isles
Catherine Greig Catherine Greig has a question!
June 23 @ 10:04am
My mtDNA haplogroup is U6d3a. I have found a autosomal match on FamilyTreeDNA of a 3C1R who descends from the sister of my gg grandmother (maternal line) and their mtDNA haplogroup is U6a'b'd-T16311C! . I would have thought they would be the same haplogroup. Can anyone enlighten me? Thanks!
adam asdr adam asdr
May 11 @ 4:02pm
Hi, I'm Moroccan Berber from Rif Region (AL-Hoceima City), My mtDNA is U6a7a1. I joined the group for this Reason, Thanks.
Michael Ann Petritis Molander
June 8 @ 11:29am
Hi, I am also U6a7a1 - I do not not my ancestral origin but at one point it was in the UK in 1600. My regions show Italy and Greece 12%. Nice to meet you!
adam asdr
June 8 @ 1:23pm
nice to meet you too, my dear cousin...my maternal ancestry is located in AL-Hoceima Province in North Morocco, from a Berber tribe called Bakkuya Known historically in roman time as Baquates, they were seafaring people especially towards Baetica , a roman province in Iberia..I hope this can Helps you
Michael Ann Petritis Molander
June 18 @ 5:35pm
Ah, seafaring people! My earliest known maternal ancestor's surname was Spigon which from my understanding means the pointed protrusion from the front of a sailing ship. That may explain the connection. But, alas, there are no written records before 1600. Hopefully that will change someday. I am proud of my heritage! Thank you for your information.
adam asdr
June 21 @ 3:04pm
you're welcome, thx
María Martínez Pisón María Martínez Pisón
January 6, 2018 @ 5:29am
Is there any member with haplogroup U6a1 in this group? I am from the North of Spain and I am looking for Shepardic, Ashkenazi or converso relatives from Portugal and other European countries (I have matches in Italy, Germany, Bulgary, Turkey, UK and the Netherlands). Some of my surnames on the side of my mother are Palacios, Fernández, Ramirez, Lopez, Saenz, San Pedro, Sánchez and García.
Robert Mrozowski
May 17 @ 6:39am
Tak, z Polski.
Joanne Kearney
June 6 @ 8:11am
My mother is from this same haplogroup (U6a1)... She was born in the southern part of Holland.. between Germany and Belgium.. I have traced her maternal line back to the 1600s around Tongeren, Limbourg, BE. Tongeren is one of the oldest cities in Belgium and was a Roman center. I have three possible paths... 1)perhaps came with the Romans 2)migrated up through Spain 3)migrated from Normandy area.... the only matches I have found on ftdna have been in Scandinavia... so could have come up from south to Normandy with Vikings... anyway...possible path. I find this fascinating. My grandmother had dark eyes and hair... not very Dutch in appearance... I always thought she looked Spanish... I wonder if we are your Netherlands match... been on ftdna since around 2002
María Martínez Pisón
June 21 @ 3:20am
We can't forget that Flanders was part of the Spanish Empire. The war finished with the treaty of Münster in 1648. I have distant relatives in France (primarily in the South, but some living in Normandy).
Ada Hernandez Ada Hernandez
June 3 @ 2:52pm
Ada Hernandez
June 3 @ 2:52pm
I believe this haplogroup has ancestry in the Canary Islands
Mokrane Haroun Mokrane Haroun
May 19 @ 4:24am
Hi I'm U6c and my mother is from Algeria
Manuel Gaona Manuel Gaona
August 25, 2019 @ 1:07pm
I am Spanish and my haplogroup is U6d
Manuel Gaona
October 31 @ 9:47pm
Sharon Boissonneault, Carpenter
November 19 @ 3:09am
Manuel, do you have Medeiros, Estrella/Cabral, or Ermelinda in your ancestral surnames?
Manuel Gaona
November 23 @ 10:53pm
Sharon Boissonneault, Carpenter
May 15 @ 1:02am
Manuel, besides a man named Rodrigues, with Brazilian roots, who is my U6d1 exact match, you are the only other U6d that I know. Are you able to share any of your maternal side surnames with me? Any info that you can share would be appreciated.
Deb Cruze Deb Cruze
July 4, 2019 @ 6:19pm
Hi, My mtDNA group is U6a7a and my mother and cousins are U6a7a1. I joined the group for this but there's no activity. Anyone on here belong to this grouping? Thanks. Deb
Katy Maloney
July 23, 2019 @ 2:32am
I'm U6a7a1a, which is called the "Acadian cluster". The recent origin traces back to two Acadian Lejeune sisters, originating from France. Their mother likely carried a unique mutation that her daughters brought to the New World. The whole U6 subclade has origins in iberomaurusian populations in North Africa some thousands of years ago, with matches to native populations in the Canary Islands, but the U6a7 is a predominantly European clade. U6a7a1b has links to Sephardic jeweish populations. U6a7a1 doesn't have specific geographical or ethnic origins, but current phylogeny places it at 4700 yo. For comparison, the Acadian Cluster is only 500yo, and the U6a1 subclade goes as far as 18,600yo. What is your oldest known maternal ancestor?
Denise Stark
January 2 @ 4:34pm
Me :)
Gisèle Hachey
February 20 @ 6:16am
I am acadian, I 'am also U6a7a1, my daughter as well ;) not confirmed U6a7a1a or b. I have ancestors in Scotland, Wales, France, Brittany, Italy, Morocco, etc. I found a 2nd cousin in Algeria and I have to say etc. I'm wondering if our ancestor of the Acadian cluster really arrived in the mi 1600's. Or was she a descendant of ealier visitors. Just romantic I suppose.
adam asdr
May 12 @ 2:09pm
I'm Moroccan Berber from Rif Region (AL-Hoceima City), My mtDNA is U6a7a1...