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U6 mtDNA

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Boni Vega Boni Vega has a question!
December 13 @ 1:55am
Any U6a3b out there?
Robert Dupree Robert Dupree
March 8, 2016 @ 7:43am
Bernard, I am U6a3b which seems to be shared with only 6 people in the data base. I have a unique value in my coding region at position 6347 which is C instead of the CR reference value if T. Has any additional information been forthcoming since my mtdna was analyzed that may shed additional light on my origins?
Bernard Sécher
March 10, 2016 @ 11:48am
U6a3b is 2700 years old and we find it in Turkey, Morocco, Spain and Portugal.
Robert Dupree
April 24, 2016 @ 11:54am
My closest matches had ancestors from the British Isles (Scotland, Ireland and England). My closest match is one genetic distance from me.
Boni Vega
December 13 @ 1:55am
I am also U6a3b. My mothers family is from Galicia in Northwest Spain. It is supposed to be more common among certain North African Berbers but recently I found that there is certainly a presence all along the western Atlantic fringe including Ireland and Western Great Britain up to Scotland. This truly is a mystery. Could it be a marker of the megalithic peoples that inhabited that whole area long ago?
Linda Nelson Linda Nelson
March 17 @ 4:47pm
Im interested to find out what countries are found for U6d3a. I would appreciate any help in this area. Also any sites you can recommend for me to visit to obtain more information. Thanks.
Alejandra Jarabo
August 9 @ 8:47pm
Hi Linda, My maternal line is U6d3a and I have traced it back to the early 1600 in Spain, in the Mediterranean province of Murcia. It is considered to be North African Berber. My oldest surnames are : Manuel and García. My only match, at 3 generations distance is from the area of Bragança, in Portugal. It could come from Iberian Moriscos (muslims), or there is a possibility that would be of Sephardic descent. I got access to some recent MTDNA test of people that claim Sephardic background in Portugal, and there was one U6d from "Argonzuelos" (close to Bragança, North of Portugal), but only one: there are other subclades of U6 that appear more frequently as Sephardic. This is a scientific site but has very specific information on U6:
Boni Vega
December 13 @ 1:46am
Hi Alejandra. I am facing a similar dilema. As I wrote before U6a3b usually appears in mainstream as Berber, so it would make sense it mat be a signature of Morisco origine, but my mothers family traces theirs ancestry to an area that had a strong Sephardic imprint. Also there are still cultural aspects in my family that show a strong correlations to Sephardic crypto jewish traits. My Mom for example has issues with mirrors being around when a family member passes away. It happened this summer when my aunt died.
Emmanuel Tooulou Emmanuel Tooulou
September 6 @ 8:39am
I've just completed a detailed family tree and can identify 52 living family members (male and female) across four generations that are classified as U6a3e. 38 of them live in Rhodes Greece, 11 in Adelaide Australia and 3 in Salt Lake City Utah. Would testing a few of them across various genetic distances (siblings, 3rd cousins etc) be of any value?
Boni Vega
December 13 @ 1:40am
Greece was a main destination for the Sephardic diaspora out of Spain and Portugal in the 16th C.
Boni Vega Boni Vega has a question!
October 13 @ 10:32am
Hello. I tested with LivingDNA and my mtDNA came out as u6a3b. My maternal grandmother and her ancestors were from Galicia, in North Western Spain, at least as far back as 1600's. There maybe Sephardic and Portuguese ancestry in that side of my family (last name Da Pereyra). But according to what I have read this mtDNA haplotype is of Berber origine and could have been brought to the Iberian Peninsula by the Moorish Invaders in the 8th C. I also uploaded my autosomal results to My Heritage website and I get quite a few jewish matches, many among French jews of Algerian ancestry. So my questions is: Could U6a3b be a North African Jewish marker?
Alejandra Jarabo
October 27 @ 2:32pm
Hi Bony, my maternal line is U6d3a (not same but close). There is a possibility that my maternal line would have come from Galicia/Bragança down to Murcia in the late 1500. Pereyra definitely qualifies for Sephardic, but if that is your mother's actual surname you need to try build a tree back. My line is early 1600 was Mendez García. I have been trying to find light on this North African Berber question. I have seen scientific tests on current populations from the north of Portugal that claim jewish descent and there is a variety of sub-claves. It is also true that Sephardic jews can a North-african Berber component. On the other side, Berber markers have left a mark in Galicia, Murcia, Almería and Extremadura, and it is expected to come from the muslim imprint in those areas. I am still debating, as you. I think that we need more tests among Spanish and North African population to get a better idea of the origin of those minority populations. Do you have matches in your MT test? I only have one match, with a Portuguese gentleman, with maternal ancestry in Bragança.
Alejandra Jarabo
October 27 @ 2:44pm
In the study" Echoes from Sepharad, signatures on the maternal gene-pool of crypto-jewish descendants", the most common MT group was H1. The few subclaves of U were: U2e1a1, U5a1a1, and one U6d. Those samples were taken in Argonzuelo, Bragança, Carçao, and Vilarinho dos Gallegos. Another way of expanding MT-results of possible sephardic descend are tests from people with roots in New Spain during colonial times. The sephardic presence in those populations is also important: they also show jewish sephardic markers in their autosomal tests.
Boni Vega
December 13 @ 1:35am
Thank you Alejandra. I build a tree and I was able to go as far back to 1616 and that side of my family was from the area of between Monforte de Lemos and Castroverde.
Boni Vega
December 13 @ 1:38am
I read there was an important Sephardic community in that area but who knows. The thing is my mtDNA is U6a3b which is identified more commonly as being Berber. But it also looks like whole Berber tribes were actually Jew.
Manuel Gaona Manuel Gaona
August 25 @ 1:07pm
I am Spanish and my haplogroup is U6d
Manuel Gaona
October 31 @ 9:47pm
Bonares - Huelva (Soa
Manuel Gaona
October 31 @ 9:47pm
Sharon Boissonneault, Carpenter
November 19 @ 3:09am
Manuel, do you have Medeiros, Estrella/Cabral, or Ermelinda in your ancestral surnames?
Manuel Gaona
November 23 @ 10:53pm
Christopher Armstrong Christopher Armstrong
April 9 @ 11:57am
If any African Americans are apart of this group, Can you please list your surnames, location, and haplogroups specific to U6A? I'm doing some family and general history research. I'm from Michigan And mine is U6a3.
Rodriquez Elmore
July 17 @ 2:45pm
Hello Christopher - according to 23&me I'm U6a3. I have just ordered the full mt upgrade here at FTNDA to find out more about it. My mother is an Elmore born in GA, her mother a Mathews also from Georgia, her mother a Dean born 1912 in GA, her mother a Cousins born 1874 in Georgia, her mother a Rosser born 1850 in Georgia and her mother a Phillips born 1838 (place unknown). All of these have been confirmed via autosomal DNA matches.
Jessica Brown
July 28 @ 8:59pm
Greetings, my haplogroup is U6a3f2. I have cousins in Nigeria, near the border with Cameroon, who are U6a5. My great grandmother's maiden name was Reeder.
Marsha Gilliam
August 2 @ 11:52pm
Shalum, Christophe and Brown, My name is Marsha Chidinma Sampon I am the administrator of my 96 y/o paternal African American aunt's account. Her haplogroup is U6a3f with these ethnicity estimates Ethnicity Estimate, Locations are Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Florida Cameroon, Congo, & Southern Bantu Peoples 63% Benin/Togo 15% Mali 8% England, Wales & Northwestern Europe 6% Africa South-Central Hunter-Gatherers 3% Ivory Coast/Ghana 2% Nigeria 2% France1% Some of her surnames are Richardson, White, Bell, Carter, Jones, Roundtree, Smith, Gray, Haywood, Bythewood, Burley, Rucker, Leonard, Sampson
Jessica Brown
November 6 @ 11:02pm
Marsha Gillam.... Jessica Isioma Little here. We spoke about our U6a3f2 mtDNA not long ago. My father's surname was Brown.
J A J A has a question!
July 2 @ 1:35am
I came across an article in the Guardian about DNA tests to confirm Jewishness before issuing some marriage Israel.”Yosef Carmel, an Orthodox rabbi and co-head of Eretz Hemdah, a Jerusalem-based institute that trains rabbinical judges for the Rabbinate, ....He explained that the Rabbinate are not using a generalized Jewish ancestry test, but one that screens for a specific variant on the mitochondrial DNA – DNA that is passed down through the mother – that can be found almost exclusively in Ashkenazi Jews.” Anyone know what specific variant on the mitochondrial DNA they are screening for?
July 20 @ 7:36pm
Do you know the four mtDNA haplogroups Karen?
Katy Maloney
July 23 @ 2:00am
The information I found mentions 3 women with distinct haplogroup K signature. "Approximately 32% of people with Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry are in haplogroup K. This high percentage points to a genetic bottleneck occurring some 100 generations ago. Ashkenazi mtDNA K clusters into three subclades seldom found in non-Jews: K1a1b1a, K1a9, and K2a2a. Thus it is possible to detect three individual female ancestors, who were thought to be from a Hebrew/Levantine mtDNA pool, whose descendants lived in Europe." The 4th mtDNA line is N1b. This comes from a study done in 2006 by Behar et al., all the info about nucleotide positions and specific mutations are in the article.
Sharon Boissonneault, Carpenter
August 25 @ 7:01pm
what about Sephardim....which haplogroups are they?
Karen Smith
September 17 @ 10:23pm
I belong to u6a7a1b which is a Sephardic cluster. However, my maternal grandmother grew up in an Ashkenazi family.
Diva Nunes Diva Nunes
June 8 @ 6:38am
Hi Everyone. My name is Edward writing on behalf of my paternal grandmother. She's mainly of Portuguese descent and is predicted as belonging to U6a group. She has only 4 matches. Three of them have FMS and are predicted as U6a3e. I was wondering what would be the benefits to upgrade her test to FMS? Her maternal grandmother is a brickwall to me. Would FMS help me anyway? Thanks in advance for your answers and opinion.
Emmanuel Tooulou
June 8 @ 10:08am
Hey Edward. It all depends on what you're looking for and how close the genetic distance of the matches. You won't know until you test. BTW, I'm a fellow U6a3e, born in Greece, with matches originating from Portugal.
A Sarr
June 11 @ 5:01pm
Okay my mother haplogroup u6 a3
Antonio L Pereira de Matos
August 6 @ 2:54pm
Hi Edward. Where were your paternal grandmother´ female line ancestors from in Portugal? My father's maternal grandmother was born in Porto, Portugal, and she was (because my father - in behalf of whom I am writing - is) U6a3e. I think it would be beneficial to investigate further which subhaplogroup within U6a your grandmother belongs to. Tiago
Diva Nunes
August 9 @ 6:29pm
Olá, Tiago. Obrigado pela sua mensagem. A ancestral mais distante na linha materna directa da minha avó seria a sua bisavó Jacinta Maria Castilho, sobre a qual não consegui descobrir, absolutamente, nada. Ela faleceu em 1887, época em que só havia os registos paroquiais, no Brasil. Essa Jacinta teve 4 ou 5 filhos com o mesmo homem. Mas, por um motivo que desconheço, jamais foram casados. A família da minha avó era toda radicada em Paranaguá e Antonina, litoral do Estado do Paraná, Sul do Brasil. A maioria dos "matches" da minha avó tem origem nos Açores. Através de documentos, consegui descobrir que ela, de facto, tem ancestrais dos Açores e Madeira. Mas, infelizmente, nada sei sobre a família da tal Jacinta Castilho, ancestral da qual minha avó paterna herdou o haplogrupo U6a (possivelmente U6a3e).
Patrice Veilleux Roth Patrice Veilleux Roth
January 30, 2019 @ 8:51am
Monsieur Sécher, I have not been part of the group or checked this site for a long time as our lives changed a bit when we moved to Florida and started a new horse farm. My apologies. o this morning I was having my coffee while reading Science Daily and a study, titled "Mitochondrial ancestry of Medieval individuals carelessly interred in a multiple burial from Southeastern Romania" caught my eye.
Patrice Veilleux Roth
January 30, 2019 @ 8:55am as I was reading I was quite astonished to see one of the individuals was a U6a1a1. I can't remember if the last 2 digits are the same as mine but I thought of you and how you have been studying this and might be interested in the links to two founding Acadian sisters.
Katy Maloney
July 23 @ 2:42am
The acadian sisters were U6a7a1a, not U6a1a1.