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About us

This is a DNA group for anyone with ancestry in Trentino (i.e. the province of Trento). If you are joining with autosomal DNA, any ancestor may be from Trentino. If you are joining with Y-DNA, your father's father's father's etc line must be from Trentino. If you are joining with mitochondria DNA, your mother's mother's mother's etc line must be from Trentino. Note that Trentino has been part of northern Italy since 1918, but if you ancestors emigrated from the province before that year, it was still under Austrian control. Some of you may have been told your family was from ‘Tyrol’, as many earlier immigrants tended to identify with that label (although referring to Trentino as ‘Tyrol’ is not ‘technically’ accurate in today’s world).

People of Trentino descent are seriously underrepresented in DNA ethnicity profiles. We hope this group can help to create a reference group for DNA testing sites, to help improve the way our genetic makeup is interpreted.

Anyone of Trentino ancestry is invited to join. We especially encourage those of you who are members of our Trentino Genealogy Facebook group to use this as a supplementary space to connect and learn from one another.

This special DNA project was founded by Lynn Serafinn, genealogist of Trentino Genealogy, in the interest to trying to connect as many people of Trentino descent as possible, both via traditional genealogy documentation/research, and DNA.