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Toler 2 (Virginia)

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About us

The Toler 2 DNA project welcomes any Toler, Towler, and Toller, especially those that trace back to Virginia and West Virginia. The Toler_2 DNA Project was started in 2006 in an effort to uncover and establish relationships between Various Toler’s. The project is working on establishing the relationship between the Toler/Towler/Toller lines in Virginia and West Virginia. To date the project has 3 main patriarchs, all proven to be related to each other by matching DNA from their ancestors:

  • David Toler (Wife: Susanna )
  • William J. Toler (Wife: Frances Dixon)
  • William Toler (Wife: Hannah Jennings Brockman)

David Toler and his wife Susanna are the ancestors of many Toler families in Southwestern Virginia. The Toler’s settled in Franklin, Giles, Logan, Wyoming County, Virginia and West Virginia. Following are the male sons of David and Susanna: Zachariah, Elijah, (Richard -no- children), James and William.

William J. Toler and his Wife Frances Dixon are the parents of Joseph “Big Daddy” Toler. Many of their descendants can be found in Bedford and Pittsylvania County Virginia. This branch of Toler’s migrated west into Kentucky, then into Indiana and Missouri.

The other William Toler married Hannah Jennings Brockman. Many of their descendants lived or live in Tolersville (now Mineral) in Louisa County, Virginia.

A Toler researcher (Mainly the David Toler Line), Jim Burgess is writing a book on the descendants of David Toler. To learn more about 'Toler Families of Southwest Virginia’ contact: Jim Burgess at

A recent book has been written that proposes a connection of these three patriarchs that leads all the way back to Charles Towler, who was part of the second charter of the Virginia Company in 1609. More info on the book can be found at

We have a Toler Family discussion group. To learn more about the TolerFamilyConnections group, please visit