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About us

A worldwide network group researching the Tilley family, of any line. Tilly seeming to be the oldest spelling, perhaps originating from Normandy, France Tilley seeming to be the most used, and seeming to originate from England. Two groups, with one being the Tilley Family Genealogy Facebook group, and this Tilley Family Genealogy Project group, focusing more on Ydna, but here we will focus on our genealogy without restriction. The two groups connect through several administrators, planning a single platform for sharing information, sources, files, etc., striving to be a good source / support for all things relative to Genealogy. If you have a different variation of the surname and are not certain, of are a match to our Ydna members, perhaps due to an NPE, or whatever reason, select Join and include a short comment about that, or contact us, for any questions. A man's YDNA reflects his inherited paternal line for many generations with relatively few mutations, if any. Our surnames often match these lines. But in many families, any number of circumstances may have broken the inherited male line: adoption, a man taking the surname of a landlord or chief in early generations, a legal name change to inherit land, a boy taking the mother's surname for any of several reasons, , Anglicisation of a foreign name, remarriage of young widows with small children, etc. YDNA testing can help us to explore these possibilities. See "Goals" for more interesting information.