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We welcome participation in our project by any and all men with the surname Thurman, Thurmon, Thurmond, Thoroughman, Thurmer, Turman or other variations (search = T*m?n*).  Please contact the volunteer project administrators with any questions or for assistance. Current results and distinct genetic groups can be viewed in the Y-DNA results tab. The Thurman & Variations volunteer project administrators welcome any and all questions!

Lineages are documented as accurately as possible using census data,birth/marriage/death certificates, wills, tax records, deeds, Bible entries, etc. As new information is found revisions will be made. Updates and corrections welcome.

Many of the genetic matches have no documented pedigree connection. The following list shows the current DNA project participants’ most distant documented ancestor:


(Thurman I-01)

John Thurman and wife Mary Cook who patented land on the PeeDee River in Anson, NC 1757

Sons represented:

Benjamin Thurman b.1755 m. Julia Shumate of Chesterfield, SC sons John >his son Perkins and > Benjamin Thurman’s son David Thurman (includes autosomal testers)

Philip Thurman, RS b.1757 Anson, NC m. Keziah Kirkland > son StephenThurman

William Thurman b.1773 > son William b.1810 of Polk, TN

Philip Thurmond d 1774 Albemarle, VA wife Mary

Sons represented:

Thomas Thurmond d. 1810 Jackson, GA married Sarah Harrison

John Thurmond d. 1808 Lincoln, KY married Molly Dickerson >sons John Thurmond Jr and Bennett Thurmond (YDNA and autosomal)

Philip Thurmond Jr of Amherst, VA married Judith Tucker

Benjamin Thurmond m. Susannah Moss (autosomal testers)

William Thurmond m. Maccarina Norvell (autosomal testers)

Daughter Ann Thurmond m. Alexander Moss (autosomal testers)

William Thurman d. 1810 Wilkes, GA

Sons represented:

William Thurman Jr d. 1810 Clarke, GA > son James Thurman b.abt 1802 wifePriscilla > their son James G. Thurman m. Mary Jane Giles

Micajah Thurman married Jane Brownfield

Stephen Thurmon (autosomal testers)

Elisha Thurmond d. 1777 Wilkes, GA wife Mary

Sons represented:

Daniel F. Thurman (1772-1845) m. Polly Hiles (YDNA and autosomal)

NOTE: autosomal testers in several site link to “Rebecca Thurman” d/o Elisha who married Richard Aycock. Aycock’s wife was named Mary but his daughter Rebecca married Charles Thurman s/o William Thurman d.1810 Wilkes, GA.

John Thurmond d. 1794 Edgefield, SC wife Elizabeth

Sons represented:

William Thurmond m. Nancy Thurmond d/o Benjamin Thurmond & Susannah Moss (Y DNA and autosomal testers)

Probable son:

John Thurmond d. 1828 Sumner, TN and > his son John Green Thurmond (YDNA and autosomal) NOTE: John W. Thurmond b. abt 1867 TN m. Palmyra Spears in Sumner, TN 1885 possibly from this family

John Thurman m. Nancy Sandridge of Sevier, TN

Sons represented:

John Thurman Jr m. Fanny Solney > son William S. Thurman b. 1824 TN (m.Mary McClanahan)

Probable son:

Barnabas Thurman d. 1837 Sevier, TN > son Caleb Thurman (1834-1909)

Daughter Martha Thurman James (autosomal tester)

Brother of John Thurman of Sevier, TN:

William Thurman of Hawkins, TN m Mary “Polly” Dickerson

Probable son:

Thomas Thurman b. abt 1796 Albemarle, VA d. 1850 m. Jane Morrison of Benton, MO

Daniel Wilson Thurman Sr. (1817-1864) MO m, Syntha Hill

Sons represented:

Daniel Wilson Thurman Jr (1861-1919)

John Oather Thurman (1841-1881)

Absolom Thurmond d. 1801 Wilkes, GA son> Henry Thurmond (1788-1866) (YDNA and autosomal)

John Thurmond d. 1821 Franklin, VA wife Sarah (YDNA and autosomal)

John Blythe Thurman (1816-1888) MO

Henderson Thurman d. 1842 Madison, KY

Richard Thurman Sr. b. abt 1765 d. Madison, KY

Richard Thurman Sr. d. 1808 Washington, KY m. Mary Isbell

Pryor Thurman (1796-1851) Bullitt, KY

Thomas Thurman m. Margaret Downey of Henry, KY

John W. Cox b. abt 1854 m. Mary Frances Witt Pittsylvania, VA

Prosser Cruse (1801-1865) KY s/o Clarissa Merritt

Mastin Doss b. 1808 m Anna Cherry

Robert Maddox b. abt 1829 OH lived in Howard, MO

Richard Thurman Sr and wife Sarah of Louisa, VA

Sons represented:

Richard Thurman Jr d. 1806 Pittsylvania, VA > son William Thurman m. Susannah Brown found in Cumberland, KY > son Fleming B Thurman

Nathan Thurman Sr. m. Rebecca Jennings

NOTE: Male descendants of this couple show a unique marker at DYS 385 not shown by descendant of Nathan’s brother Richard above. These men are therefore grouped as “Thurman  I-01a”

David Thurmon (1766-1840) and Susannah Leftwich

Robert Thurman (1771-1845) Highland, OH m. Margaret Robins > son Felix

Thomas Thurman (1779-1857) m. Phoebe Goad > son James H. Thurman (1816-1879)

Allen Thurman d. 1845 Highland, OH

Philip Thurman (1781-1862) m. Jane Powell

Nathan Thurman Jr. b. 1769 Pittsylvania, VA

Peter Brown b. 1831 Highland, OH d. 1914 Knox, IL wife was Martha Thurman.

Sanford Thurman b. 1821-25 OH d. 1910 Henderson, KY possible connection to John s/o Nathan Sr.

Blondin Spargur b. 1860 Washington Courthouse, Fayette, OH to an unverified Thurman man and adopted by John and Mary Gossett Spargur. Possible connection to John s/o Nathan Sr.

(Thurman I-02 MacDonald match)

Allen McDonald (1791-1872) m. Phoebe Ray

Wintford T. Thurman (1844-1903)

(Thurman I-03 Ephraim W Davis connection)

Stephen A. Thurman b. 1851 Laclede, MO whose mother was Eliza Ann Thurman sister-in-law of Ephraim Welch Davis

(Thurman I-04)

Elijah J. Thurman b. SC abt 1793 lived in Simpson, MS m. Sally Berry

NOTE: More participants tracing their line to this couple since the current results do not match known Thurmans in SC when he was born. 1860 Trinity, Texas census shows his birthplace as NC

(Thurman R-01 Shoreditch, England match (Includes Thoroughman))

Jabez Thurman (son of Joseph Thurman d. 1803 Blount, TN)

Henry Thurman b. 1774 VA d. 1850 Fulton, IL m. Sarah Terrell

Sons represented:

Edward Thurman

Johnson Terrell Thurman autosomal testers

Len William “Billy” Thurman d. 1909 OK m. China Perryman

John Thurman & Nancy Basye descendants

Sons represented:

Basye "Baze" Thurman b. 1763 Prince William, VA d. 1836 Spencer,KY m. Margaret Osborn

William Thurman m. Elizabeth Osborn > son Elijah Thurman (1802-1870) m.Mary Chenoweth

William R. Thurman b.1805/6 VA d. 1877 Spencer, IN

Pleasant Thurman b.1814 KY d. aft 1880 Dyer, TN

Thoroughmans of 1850 Buchanan, MO who migrated to Montana

Shoreditch, England Thurmans

(Thurman R-02 Thoroughman/Thoroman roots)

Samuel Thoroman and Mary Ann Bettis of Mason, KY

NOTE:Need more testers from this line.

(Thurman R-03 Dickerson match)

Charles Thurman Sr. b. 1760 Buckingham, VA d. 1848 Bledsoe, TN m. Barbara Picknell (YDNA and autosomal testers)

Sons represented:

Frederick Walter Thurman

William Brinson Thurman

Zachariah Dickerson b. abt 1760 Hanover, VA d. 1831 Ebert, GA

(Thurman R-04 Mixed Surnames 590=6)

NOTE:matches include Talley, Lippincott, Seay, White, and others (see FTDNA project “HP 590=6”)

Nathan Thurman d. 1828 Cumberland, KY m. Lucy Gooch > son Littleberry Thurman (d.1845 Cumberland, KY m. Permelia Branch Bowman) > their son Edward Thurman > his NPE son William Archer Walthall andEdward Thurman’s > son Turnan T. Thurman.

Littleberry "Berry" Thurmon b. 1796 SC or VA d. 1872 Clinton, KY m. Willie Davis

Sons represented:

William Thurman (1824-1907)

John R. Thurman b. 1821 Cumberland, KY d. 1887 Ste Genevieve, MO

Christopher E. Thurman b. 1837 Cumberland, KY d. 1909 Salem, Marion, IL (YDNA and autosomal)

Andrew J. Thurman b. 1818 Cumberland, KY d. 1875 St. Francois, MO

(Thurman R-05 Nottinghamshire, England origins)

John Thurman b. 1680 Stanford Nottingham, England descendants including Edward Moroni Thurman whose mother came to the US as part of the British LDS diaspora.

Andrew Thurman b. 1847 Worcester, ENG d. 1922 ENG descendants immigrated to Canada

(Thurman R-06)

William Thurman 1810-1860 m. Lena Shrum

Sons represented:

James Franklin Thurman (1849-1876)

Jonas Thurman (1843-1919)

(Thurman R-07 Shrum match)

William Henry Thurman (1832-1867) m. Malinda Shrum > son William Henry Thurman m. Isabelle Strickland

(Thurman R-08)

Arthur Thurman b. abt 1842 descendants of Connorsville, Fayette, IN

(Thurman R-09)

JohnL. Thurmon Sr. d. 1826 Lincoln, MO and Mary Little

NOTE: Need more testers from this family

(Thurmer R-01 Berkshire, England origins)

Thome Thurmer d. 1619 Berkshire, ENG

(Turman N-01 Genetically related to Turmans of Botetourt, VA)

Benjamin Turman (1720-1784) wife Frances > son Charles Turman (1763-1848)m. Charlotte Lucy Hylton

William Turman (1788-1829) wife Nancy in VA and TN > son William Turman (1819-after 1900) wife Rosannah lived in Titus, TX 1850 (YDNA and autosomal)

Robert J. Turman b. abt 1820 KY m. Elizabeth Simms (YDNA and autosomal) family in MO and OK

Sons represented:

William C. Turman (1846-1921)

Mann Turman (abt 1856-1921)

(Turman E-01)

Caesar Turman of Bordeaux, Abbeville, SC

 (Need further testing or additional participants)

David Holmes Thurmond (1811-1892) of Oklahoma