Using DNA to Research the Surname and Multiple Variants
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About us

THE THRELKELD SURNAME PROJECT is open to anyone who has the surname Threlkeld—or any of the many variant spellings—in their family tree. Aiming to help identify and bring together the various branches of this family line by use of yDNA, the test results included are only those dealing with the Y-chromosome, which is passed down mostly unchanged from father to son to grandson. Because yDNA isn't recombined at conception, as is autosomal DNA, it has immense value in genealogy and can look back multiple generations to confirm relationships, even provide information in anthropological timeframes about how that paternal line migrated thousands of years ago.

The surname stems from two Old Norse words: thraell (meaning serf, or serfdom), and kelda (meaning a spring, fountain, or well), indicating its origin in England to the era of Norse activity, circa 793 to 1066, and one of the reasons we see so many variant spellings. The original adopters of the surname chose it due to the manor and chapelry of the same name in the County of Cumberland (now Cumbria), England.

Even though it's the male Y-chromosome being tested, we welcome anyone interested in the surname line.