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The Timuried's

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About us

H.M Qutub Al Salateen  wa Sahib-e-Qiran Al-Azam, Al Sultan Mohammed Timur Abu Al Ghazi - Korkani  “Rahmat ullah Aleh”; was by far the greatest conqueror known in the history of mankind.


This project started with the goal of identifying the decendents of the Late Amir Timur ( Qutab alSalteen Amir Timur Korkani). However, during the course of the research we have encountered many tribes in present Uzbekistan, Iran, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Turkey, India, Pakistan,  and Bangladesh that has sparked interest by ourselves and many people who have come in contact with us about their origins and the tribes in which they belong to. Therefore we are now interested to test the following people:

 1. People who believe they are related or are decendents of the late Amir Timur  (or) related to the Mughal Family in India (or) a Decendent of other Central Asian family          branches. 

2. People who would like to determine what tribe they are from the countries that once made the great Timur'ed Empire.