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Complete results are now in for thirty Thames participants. You will be able to see their names and numbers to compare with our other Thames participants. Their results do show that they all descend from "Thomas Thames" born 1705/10 died 1758 in Bladen County, North Carolina.

That is the BOTTOM LINE on all biological Thames participants in the DNA test, they are all descendants of Thomas Thames. There are other factors that can be gleaned from the test results, but at this point they have little if any significance.

Very good Thames news has been uncovered by the excellent Thames genealogist researchers that post to the Thames RootsWeb site. Evidently the mystery of the Thomas Jr., John and Amos migrating from NC to SC about the year 1767 has been cleared up. They have been identified on the 1790/1800/1810 SC censuses.

The program has made a significant break through with the Timms/Tims/Timbs. We have added a sixth Tims to our program test results. This additional participant Robert R.Tims has confirmed the Tims Haplotype to be carried by Ray E. Tims. Hopefully we will get more Tims participants. That is the only way the we can advance the program. If you want more information then get a distant cousin to participate.