Fries and Azore merchant marine families!
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About us

The Teves surname project invites descendants of Teves ancestors to join. The project uses both Y-DNA of patrilineal descendants and autosomal DNA from their distant cousins. We hope to connect these cousins with each other, validate the extensive conclusions from historical records and discover new insights from the DNA.

Those with only at-DNA test results will not be visible on the displays, but they are available to the administrators for Teves research

If you have tested at another venue consider transferring your raw DNA data to FTDNA. Here is how from a few compatible vendors:

You download your DNA results from MyHeritage. See this link: https://www.myheritage.com/help-center/en/article/how-do-i-download-my-raw-dna-data-file-from-myheritage

At ancestry.com, click on your name in the upper right, select my profile, the the Settings button and the the DNA link. At the bottom of the displayed page you can download you DNA results.
Then, go to https://www.familytreedna.com/autosomal-transfer. This should lead you through the upload. After that you will have a FTDNA account. You will have to pay $19 to get all the data exposed.
You can then join the Teves project. To do this, go your home page. The menu at the top: Group Projects -> Join Project then search for Teves and join.