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Over one third of the members of this group are directly related (genetically). Five American members of this subgroup can be traced back by conventional genealogical methods (with genetic assistance) to Thomas Swindall who was an indentured servant in Virginia in the 17thcentury. The sixth member traces his ancestry directly to Stockport, Cheshire, England.

Another subgroup (of two) are descended from Timothy Swindall, another 17th century Virginia indentured servant.

We have (at least) two Afro-American members of the project. One has the surname but not the European Y-DNA, The other has the Swindell DNA but not the surname.

The rest are a genetic miscellany, probably the result of NPEs (Non Parental Events). An NPE in your ancestry is where a son inherits the Swindell name but his father was not genetically a Swindell. There are a number of possible reasons for this other than the immediate suspicion of infidelity within marriage (probably the least likely cause). There is the straightforward case of an illegitimate child born before marriage taking his mother’s name. This was the case with my great-great-grandfather and is why my Y-DNA does not match any other Swindells who have tested. Alternatively, such an illegitimate child, or the legitimate child of a first marriage, might adopt the (Swindell) name of a step-father when his mother married or re-married. Adoptions, formal or informal, are another case. Names were adopted to secure an inheritance. It is estimated that 30% or more of those of European descent will have one or more NPEs between a current individual and the original holder of their surname.