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A whole new field of genealogical research is now opening up, thanks to modern science. It relies on the simple biological fact that the Y chromosome, unlike all others, is passed intact and virtually unchanged from father to son down through the generations. It is therefore possible to do a simple DNA analysis on two men and learn immediately (well, actually the analysis takes a few weeks) whether the two are related on the paternal side or not. In particular, by testing direct male-line descendants of the early Sweet immigrants to the New World, we can learn whether the immigrants were related or not. Obviously, it is necessary to test several such descendants for each immigrant in order to be really sure of the results, but that's all it takes. The testing so far indicates that the various Sweet immigrants were from different families, and so it is now possible to do two things that Sweet genealogists previously only dreamed of: (1) any living male Sweet who is having trouble connecting back to the era of the immigrants can take the DNA test and find out which group is his, and (2) testing Sweets in England or elsewhere can provide direct proof of which Sweet immigrants are related to which Sweets in the old country. Needless to say, it may take some time to build a catalog of all the distinct Sweet families, but every new test brings us closer to the goal.