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Suwalki Lomza Jewish

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About us

Descendants of the former Jewish residents of the guberniyas of Suwalki and Lomza in the former Kingdom of Poland share cultural and family ties that may extend to genetics. The focus of our project is to collect Y-DNA and mt-DNA from those descendants in order to find family connections that may extend further into history than the adoption of surnames in the 19th century. If your Jewish ancestors lived in this region in the 20th century or earlier, please click the "JOIN" button and provide us with the following information: oldest known ancestor who lived in the region, approximate year of birth and/or death, name of town, and whether your ancestry in this region is on your Y-DNA (father's father's father's father's etc.) line, mitochondrial (mother's mother's mother's mother's etc.) line, or autosomal (lines other than Y and mitochondrial).