DNA extension to the One Name Study
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Terry McMahon Terry McMahon
April 22, 2019 @ 10:20pm
Hi Marcus, I received you contact email yesterday to my email adress but when attempting to reply the email bounced ... I guess you see the links for Terry McMahon whose kit I manage. Terry is conncted through my MCMAHON relationships and is my closest known Y connect. As part of my paperwork research I am using paper trail records, but also genetic genealogy to hopefully fill in the blanks in the records particularly in Ireland. If you know more of the Wilcher McMAHON links from Maitland NSW Aus. I would be pleased to receive any more background. I have full written permission for this research on behalf of Terry and myself. I update him through his wife Liz from time to time... evntually with a full account so he can yah or nay it... cheers Jane nee McMahon