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About us

The Stiles Family of America and Affiliated Families (SFA) established this Stiles group with FTDNA in July 2007 to better enable members of the family and other Stiles males to follow their male line via Y-DNA testing.  Finding Stiles that you match requires broad knowledge of male antecedents.  The SFA has over 330,000 Stiles and descendants in our database and many more in our hard copy files. Our records have around 700 people named William Stiles alone. There are equal numbers named John, Robert, Samuel and James as well. As a consequence, in order to better assist both those who test and join this group and the SFA resources we ask that participants in the DNA project be able to provide an unbroken line of at least 4 generations (or more is always welcomed!) so that we can try to identify you in our records. 

This project is not limited to Stiles in America. Any male Stiles can and should participate, including families from the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and other parts of the world - regardless of knowing your male Stiles heritage for 4 generations or not.

We also just started and Stiles Autosomal Group and urge all people who have a Stiles in their family tree to take the FTDNA Family Finder test and join that group where the focus is on all the branches in your tree, can't go back as many generations third or fourth cousins easily.  There is lots of literature on this tool at FTDNA and on the web.