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Our latest STERRY to join our Project is Lee Sterry on the Stonington, Connecticut, USA line. Lee's results match all of the tested American Sterry lines. Many thanks to Ann Ritchie for sharing Lee's results with our STERRY DNA Project.

Welcome Harvey Starey to our Sterry DNA Project. Harvey joined in Jan 2017. We know there is at least one STAREY/STARIE and STERRY family tree connection through the Worcestershire, UK STERRY line. We are hoping Harvey's DNA results will help determine possible connections between these surnames.

The first member of the Hafslo, Norway line joined our Project in September 2016, James [Jim] Ramon Sterry. Jim was closely followed by a second member of this Norwegian line, Virgil Walter Sterry. Jim and Virgil's results are now in and, as expected, do not match any other Sterry lines. [The Hafslo Norway line originated in the Sterri farm in Hafslo, Norway.]

In August 2016 the first member of the Starks, Maine, USA line joined our Project. Welcome Lynn Sterry. Lyn's results are now in and were quite a surprise. His results matched both the Connecticut and Tennessee USA lines. So all three US lines are connected. The challenge now will be to find the documentation to establish the point of connection.

In September 2014 the first member of the Lambeth, Surrey Sterry line joined our Project.  The results for David John Sterry are now in and, despite the marker mismatches, the Lambeth line is clearly related to the Lowestoft line.

In June 2014 we welcomed David Eric Sterry as Co-Coordinator of the Sterry DNA Project. David has been closely involved in the Project since its inception and has made a major contribution in bringing other male Sterrys into joining the Project.

Also in June 2014 a second member of the Ipswich, Sterry line joined our Project. We warmly welcome John Sterry. John's results will hopefully confirm the link between the Ipswich and the Lowestoft/Southwold Sterry lines.

Roland Sterry is the third member of the Lowestoft, Suffolk, UK Sterry line to join our Project. His 5th cousin [once removed], Roger Sterry, also joined in 2013. Roland's results are a close match to other members of the combined Lowestoft/Southwold/Ipswich Sterry line and confirm that they are connected in a genealogically meaningful time frame i.e. the last 500 years. 

The DNA signature of James William "Bubba" Sterry on the Tennessee, USA line matches the DNA signature of John Brewster Sterry Jnr on the Connecticut, USA line [with one marker difference over 37 markers] and establishes that the Tennessee line is connected to the much older Stonington, Connecticut, USA line.

Alan Sterrey is the first to be tested from the Minsterworth, Gloucestershire line. Alan's results confirm that the Minsterworth line is connected to the much older Longhope line.

John Walter Sterry from the Worcestershire, UK line has joined the STERRY DNA Project and is the first to be tested from this line. 

A special thanks to David R Sterry [Bury St Edmunds line] and David E Sterry [Southwold Sterry line] for their invaluable work in tracking down living male descendants. Their work has allowed us to search out specific descendants of known lines whose DNA results would help to establish family links or solve specific questions that traditional research has not been able to answer.

Several STERRY researchers have now generously contributed to the General Fund and we thank them most sincerely. These funds are held at the testing company and used to help sponsor test kits for those key males who would otherwise be unable to afford the cost of participation in the project. We encourage you to make a donation. To make a donation please click on the last link on the left, entitled "Contribute to the Surname Project General Fund". If you decide to donate, please specify "Sterry Project General Fund" in the top box of the Donation form.

Both the Y DNA and the mtDNA test results contain no personal information, and you will match or be a close match to those to whom you are related. This is an opportunity to learn more about your origins and ancestry.

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