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The Stedman DNA Project

Welcome to the Stedman DNA project which is here to link Stedmans (however you spell your name) throughout England, Scotland, Wales and the rest of the world, this is a truly international endeavor with participants so far from Great Britain, USA, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.

People who have joined the project have been able to break down brick walls in their paper trail, verify years of research and find connects to other Stedman families, sometimes born both thousands of miles apart and separated by hundreds of years in time, in a way that would be impossible via paper trail nor family lore alone.

Early Stedman  Distribution

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In order to start helping and become part of this fascinating research it is only necessary to be a male Stedman and order a Y-DNA37 kit from Family Tree DNA.

Y-DNA37                               Y-DNA67                                Y-DNA111

Family Finder - Something for everyone

Recently FTDNA have introduced Family Finder which is capable of linking people through ALL lines. This is a useful addition for families who are already participating in the project using Y-DNA but is especially relevant for those researching their Stedmans who no longer have a member of the family with a father son connection.

Family Finder 

AND Finally Big Y 700

This is the ultimate Y-DNA product which includes an upgrade to Y-DNA111, it's also quite price and that varies depending on how far you've already tested. Please email us if you are thinking of ordering.

Big Y 700 

Spelling Variants include

Stedman, Steadman, Steedman, Stidman, Stidmon, Stiddom, Stidam, Stidom, Steddom, Stidum, Stiddum, Studman, Steadham, Stedham, Stidham