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About us

The purpose of this project is to create a map through time of the family or families that use the surnames Stirling, Sterling, Starling and other variants. There are large groups of people with these surnames in the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, Canada and other former British colonies. Further, people with these names can be found in respectable numbers throughout Europe and Latin America.

Those of us who research these families have often wondered if they connect--this is an opportunity to find out. By joining this project you receive access to a Y-line analysis at a reduced, group cost. Not only will your proximity to other project participants be tested, but also your proximity to everyone in the FTDNA database--over 165,000 individuals.

This project is  for males who are direct patrilineal descendants of Stirlings, Sterlings, Starlings, etc., i.e. are men who themselves have one of those surnames.

By joining this project you agree that your haplogroup and surname or most distant ancestor information that you provide will be made public. Your personally identifiable information will never be made public. If you do not wish your haplogroup data to be public then you may purchase products directly from FTDNA as an individual. If you are currently a member and do not wish your haplogroup/surname/most distant ancestor information to be public then you must contact FTDNA and remove yourself from the ST*RLING DNA PROJECT.

An additional requirement is that you maintain up to date contact information on your account page. Those with invalid emails and/or telephone numbers may be removed from the project.