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About us

The STAPLES DNA PROJECT is open for new members, to Join the Staples DNA Project click on the "Join Request" link and follow the directions.

This genetic genealogy project is open to anyone researching the surnames, STAPLE, STAPLES, STAPLETON or similar spellings who wishes to use FTDNA DNA testing as a tool to increase their Family History knowledge.    

The previous STAPLES SURNAME & DNA PROJECT (SSDP) completed it's ten year research program September 15, 2012. All members of the SSDP have been transfered to the new FTDNA - STAPLES DNA PROJECT. Their surname, most distant ancestor, haplogroup and genetic test data can be found in the sections "Y-DNA Results" and "mtDNA Results".

Presently "Y-DNA Results" are grouped as "Ungrouped"awaiting a new Group Administrator to regroup the participants as he or she wishes.

To view the 15 SSDP DNA Family Groups and Study information compiled during the ten year research project of the (SSDP), 15 September 2002 - 15 September 2012 "
 please see the project website online at -

For questions or if anyone wishing to be the Group Administrator of the FTDNA - STAPLES DNA PROJECT please contact FTDNA directly.