The St. John Genealogy
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About us

This project was initiated by descendants of Mathias St. John aka Sension, who was born in St. Olave Silver Street Parish,London, England in 1601 and was the immigrant ancestor of the Sension/St. John lineages of New England. 

It has been established that there are several different paternal lines involving the St. John surname, including the  DePorts from Port-en-Bessin, Calvados, Normandie (now known as Normandie, France).

There are also lines that ultimately emanate from Saint-Jean le Manche (Rouen),Normandie, and ostensibly, England,Ireland, and Wales. They may all tie in with the armigerous St. Johns who were also great landowners in the period of history beginning circa. 1000 ad. We also would like to welcome ANY other Saint John lineages as well.