The St. John Genealogy
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About us

This project aims to ideally facilitate genetic relationships of the various Saint John lineages across the globe. In 2020, the identity and origin of Ralph of St. John (c. 1036-1122) was discovered. Ralph descends paternally from the nephew of Rollo the Viking. Descendants of Mathias St. John 1601-1669 and his uncle Mathew St. John 1590-1671 have primary records for every generation proving their descent from Ralph of St. John by way of the St. John family of Highlight, Glamorgan, Wales. Historians have merged the St. John family of Highlight with the de Port-St. John family of Fonmon and corrupted their ancestry. These errors have been corrected at using primary documentation and YDNA results. Richard I's son Mauger's descendants use the Sinclair surname. There are several Sinclair matches to our St. John test subjects. Our next goal is to document the lineages of the Sinclair test subject matches to prove the Y-DNA of the Dukes of Normandy and to prove the St. John YDNA remains intact and free of a biological non-paternal event.