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Descendants of Walter Spreull, Lord of Cauldhame, in the shire of Dumbarton
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About us

Thank you for finding the Sproul DNA Project! On behalf of all the Sproul Project membership and its Administrators we would like to welcome you and invite you to join us!

The Sproul DNA Project relies predominantly on Y-DNA testing. This said, we welcome any Sproul descendant and urge you to join us. If you are an atDNA tester be sure to purchase the Chromosome Browser tool for a one-time fee of $19 US. We usually only refer to atDNA matches for Y-DNA testers in order to use the matches data to try and confirm branching in the period of genealogical time.

It is believed that all Sprouls of all variant spellings are descended from one man, Walter Spreull c.1285 in Southwest Scotland. What we have determined through Y-DNA testing is relatively speaking, we are all closely related. In fact, we are all so closely related that Y-37 testing will only confirm whether you are descended from Walter or not. We cannot tell you any more than that.

Y-67 testing will give us reasonable confidence as to whether you descend from a Scottish or Irish lineage. It will not tell you which specific branch you descend. Because of this we suggest that you come into this project with the expectation of having to upgrade to Y-111 in order to get within about 400 years to present confidence of which family group you belong.

James Spreul Sr of Cowden sold his estates in Scotland in the year 1622. After reserving some of the proceeds for his retirement, he gave his heirs their inheritance. At that time at least three sons removed to Ulster; western County Tyrone (Castlederg region) and eastern County Donegal to be more precise, to begin anew. Through extensive genealogical research, we have been able to determine some specific Sproul lineages and their specific mutation. If your goal is to determine precisely which lineage you descend, you will need to upgrade to Big Y-700.

Nearly with each new tester that joins the project a new lineage is being discovered. We understand these tests are costly, but it is an important investment in order to try and determine a precise Sproul lineage from which you descend. It is also a strong possibility with your Big Y testing, a new SNP will be discovered.

Interest in SPROUL DNA started back in 2009 when Philip Sprowl of Indiana, who had a theory. He theorized that all of us with any variation of SPROUL can trace our lineage to Walter Spreul, "Senescallus deDumbartown" or High Steward of Dumbarton. This was an interesting theory of which this project is founded, and so far has held. In addition to continuing this journey there is also a need for many of us to make our immigrant ancestor's connection back to Ireland or Scotland. Testing is paramount to putting together the various branches of our families so that information can be shared while reconstructing our surname family tree.

The Sproul DNA Project is currently seeking Sprouls of all variants, particularly in Scotland, England and Australia. In many instances we are able to find willing testers but available funds often times, as is for many of us is a challenge. With this in mind we are actively seeking donations to the project to help fund these potential testers. If you have an interest in sponsoring a particular tester please reach out to one of the administrators for more information.