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About us

The SPRINGER Y DNA Project was founded in 2004 by David B.Springer. It's purpose is to be used, in combination with paper trails, by genealogists researching the surname SPRINGER.

Any and all males who carry the SPRINGER surname are welcome to join the project. As this is a surname project, and only males have a Y-chromosome, only males can be tested for this purpose. If you are female, you can have a male relative submit a sample on behalf of your line, as long as he still carries the SPRINGER surname.

If you have interest in the project, but don't wish to actively participate, donations are most welcome. If you wish to make a monetary donation, please go here, the directions are easy to follow but if you have any questions please contact the project administrators.

Our Donation Memorials...

David B. Springer in memory of Win & Dot

Wilbur C. Springer III donation in memory of Wilbur C. Springer, Jr

Melissa Robards donation in honor of Wayne Keith Springer & all descendents of Samuel R. Springer

Jack Springer donation in memory of All Springers

Melissa Robards donation in memory of Kathryn Ann Gibson & all descendants of Ezekiel Springer Sr

Lula "Lou" Kincaid donation in memory of my grandparents Isaac & Roxie A. Moore Springer

Donald L. Springer donation to help a Nevada cousin

Melissa Robards donation in memory of William Arthur Springer

Melissa Robards donation In Memory of Donald L. Springer 1939 - 2007

Ann (Springer) Holt in memory of Chase Trowbridge Springer

Anonymous donation in memory of Allen Springer