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Ancestry from the former Spiš County, Kingdom of Hungary
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Note: three related and integral geographic regions are now managed as independent projects. They are: the Spiš County Slovakia Project, Zamagurie Region, and Podhale Region Projects.  Please see the individual projects for details. Many of our members will have ancestry in one or more of these geographic regions. Membership in any or all that apply is welcomed for those with documented ancestral links to the region.  The GA will cross check member's links to the region.  All statistics will be kept according to the applicable geographic region.  


The Spiš County Slovakia DNA project is a geographic DNA project associated with all villages of the former Spiš County (Szepes Comitas) of the historic Kingdom of Hungary.  A list of villages is found below  

Spiš County was the fourth largest source of emigrants to the United States following Zemplin, Abov, and Saris Counties. An estimated 11 % of the Spiš population of eastern Slovakia emigrated to work in the coal mines of eastern Pennsylvania, the steel mills of Western Pennsylvania, and the many factories in New Jersey.

These emigrants are our immigrant ancestors who serve as the link between the past and today. We carry them forward through our DNA and into the future through our own descendants.


The volunteer Group Administrator (GA) has been actively researching a sub-set of the Spiš County villages known as the Zamagurie Region for over 25 years and has served as the Zamagurie Region DNA project since 2007. The Zamagurie Region is located in eastern Slovakia and crosses into the southern Polish region known as Malopolska. During these efforts, the GA has traveled 16 times to the region in search of records, village and church histories, gaining  a greater understanding of the culture and folklore. Despite the difficulties, the GA has gained access to previously unavailable records. In doing so, she maintains a private collection as well as a database of researched pedigrees with well over 52,000 surnames from the Spiš villages. This work provides the foundation and experience in helping people to locate their ancestral villages and surnames with great success. 

In 2011, the GA was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to continue the research on the topic of Slovak migration. Living in Slovakia for 10 months provided the unique opportunity to research the migration of people throughout Spiš using previously untapped records and resources. In doing so, the level of knowledge and experience justified expanding the DNA project to include all Spiš villages. The project has become a recognized academic study. While most of these villages have been microfilmed, the experience and knowledge gained by the 25 + years of hands-on experience in eastern Slovakia serves as a solid foundation for this project. 

The project, started by the GA on 22 November 2011, was not created lightly.  The GA believes the project's success depends on being hands-on and dedicated to its' members. Assistance is provided to finding the member's link to the region, understanding how genetic cousins from the region may be related, and understanding the DNA results obtained. Peoples participation is meant to be a win-win; each learning more about his or her Slovak ancestors and the genetic make-up of the Spiš Region. The Spiš County Slovakia project serves as an extension to two other projects with Slovak ancestry: The Zamagurie Region and Podhale Region. (Note: Villages for the associated Zamagurie and Podhale Region villages have NOT been microfilmed but researched by the GA).

DNA testing and genealogy go hand-in-hand. Often the hardest hardest part in starting the genealogy process is locating the ancestral villages. Knowledge of chain migration patterns, access to large volumes of records, familiarity and experience with the region and associated surnames on both sides of the ocean are all positive contributors to helping project members learn more about the Slovak ancestry on many levels. Paid genealogy services are now provided to take your pedigree back in time in often unavailable records from the region. Once you have DNA tested with FT-DNA (or paid to transfer your Ancestry DNA results, there is never any fee associated with joining any of the FamilyTreeDNA project.



Participation in this project is limited to those members who can demonstrate an ancestral link to Spiš County Slovakia on at least one of their pedigree branches. Upon submitting a join request, the GA will work to try and confirm your link to one or more of the villages. The GA can recommend or confirm your current DNA test results add to the statistics of the project. The project facilitates connecting members with common genetic genealogy interests in researching their ancestry from this particular geographic region. A growing membership should have a reasonable chance of finding genetic matches as more people test with FamilyTreeDNA.  However, it should be clearly understood that no guarantees of genetic matches can be made.



DNA testing can help confirm your paper trail, help discover links to unknown relatives, and possibly even help follow your ancestral surnames as they migrate from village to village.  Your participation in THIS project taps into over 25 + years of research in eastern Slovakia.  This may increase your potential to understand your ancestral origins and genetic connections to others who are also researching your surnames. Mind you, there are no guarantees of finding a genetic match nor does it mean the GA will complete your genealogy for you. Professional services are available outside this project.

Participation can help you to learn more about our Slovak roots. Honor your ancestors by preserving more than just a memory.  Join today!


Below is an alphabetized list of village for the former Spiš County Slovakia. Smaller villages may not be named on this site. Place names have changed over the years and may not be listed here in the form you have seen on passenger lists or other documents. They may be in German, Hungarian, or Slovak. Please contact the GA for assistance as she is familiar with these changes.  Note: diacrylic marks have been omitted due to format limitations.



Note: At the GA's discretion, a few border towns are included.
Abrahamovce Chmelnica Majere Slovenska Ves
Arnutovce Chrast Nad Hornadom Mala Frankova Slovinky
B I Maly Slavkov Smizany
Baldovce Ihlany Maniowy Smolnicka Huta
Batizovce Iliasovce Margencany Smolnik
Beharovce J Markusovce Spisska Bela
Betlanovce Jablonov Matejovce nad Hornadom Spisska Nova Ves
Bialka Tatrzanka (Galicia) Jaklovce Matiasovce Spisska Stara Ves
Bijacovce Jakubany Mengusovce Spiskke Teplica
Brutovce Jamnik Mlynceky Spisske Bystre
Buglovce Janovce Mlynky Spisske Hanusovce
Bukovina (Galicia) Jarabina Mnysek nad Hnilcom Spisske Podhradie
Busovce Jezersko Mnysek nad Popradom Spisske Tomasovce
Bystrany Jurske Murzisichle Spisske Vlachy
C Jurgov N Spissky Hrhov
Cerveny Klastor K Nalepkovo Spissky Hrusov
Cierna Hora Kacwin Nemesany Spissky Stiavnik
D Kalava Nedeca Spissky Strvtok
Danisovce Kamienka Nizne Lapsze Stara Lesna
Dedinky Kezmarok Nizne Repase Stara Lubovna
Dhle Straze Klcov Nizne Ruzbachy Strane pod Tatrami
Dolany Kluknava Nova Biala  Stranany
Domanovce Kojsov Nova Lesna Stratena
Dravce Kolackov Nova Lubovna Studenec
Dubrava Kolinovce O Sulin
Durstyn Korytne Odorin Svit
F Kravany Olcanava Stola
Falstin Kremna Olsavica Sunava
Forbasy Krempachy Olsavka Svabovce
Frydman Krizova Ves Opatka Svedlar
G Krompachy Ordzovany T
Ganovce Kurimany Osturna Tatranska Javorina
Gelnica Jezersko P Toporec
Gerlachov Jurske Pavlany Torysky
Granc-Petrovce Jurgov Podhorany Tvarozna
Gron (Galicia) L Podolenec U
H Lackova Polanovce Uloza
Hagy Lapsanka Pongravcovce V
Haligovce Lechnica Poprad Velka Frankova
Harakovce Lendak Porac Velka Lesna
Harichovce Lesnica Poronin (Galicia) Velka Lomnica
Havka Lesnica (Galicia) Prakovce Velky Folkmar
Helcmanovce Letanovce Olsavka Velky Lipnik
Henclova Levoca Opatka Velky Slavkov
Hlncovce Lieskovany Ordzovany Vikartovce
Hniezdne Litmanova Osturna Vitkovce
Hnilcik Lomnicka R Vlkovce
Holumnica Lucivna Rakusy Vojkovce
Hozelec Lucka Relov Vojnany
Repisko Vrbov
Richnava Vyborna
Rudnany Vydrnik

Vysoky Tatry

Vysne Repase

Vysne Ruzbachy

Vysny Slavkov


Zalesie (Gibely)