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About us

The Speed Surname Y-DNA Project is open to all males whose last name is Speed (who have direct patrilineal descent, or an unbroken line from father-to-son, through the Speed surname). In April 2005 Speed men formed a project to begin using Y-marker DNA testing to confirm relationships between disparate Speed branches throughout the United States and Europe and to ultimately identify a shared ancestor. The matches between participants allow researchers to corroborate family research and identify new geographic locations to investigate.
Note: Participants must submit information on patrilineage to the Project Administrator to aid in the process of analyzing results and identifying possible shared ancestors.
Although participants are free to choose any Y-test, the 25-marker test (Y-DNA25) is recommended as the minimum threshold to generate enough information to compare results.
Currently, Speed men living in the states of Arkansas, California, Florida, Oklahoma, Oregon, Nevada, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas have joined the project.
The Speed Surname Y-DNA Project is currently open & men with the last name of Speed in countries outside the United States are welcome and encouraged to participate.