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Since the cost of testing is the major deterrent to participation in any DNA project, a fund has been established to which anyone may contribute -- attaching any strings you specify. Anyone who wishes to encourage participation by others who may be eligible for this project or who wishes to sponsor another person to be tested is invited to contribute in one of these two ways: a. You may order a test for a specific person to be tested and may charge it to your credit card or request an invoice to accompany the test. Anyone may pay the invoice; or b. You may send a donation in any amount of $25 or more to be added to the General Fund for the Southworth-Southard DNA Project. Simply follow this link: Or contact the project administrator to specify how you want the money disbursed. Please contact the project administrator for details as to how the General Fund will be administered if you are interested in contributing to it. DNA test results for those who have already joined our project are shown on the Y-Results page. Three different lineages have so far been identified as a result of DNA testing. The Southard line descending from Thomas Southard b. 1615 in Leyden, Holland appears to be unrelated to the Southworth line that immigrated to Massachusetts in 1627, but it is important to find Southworth men with solid paper trails to Constant Southworth to test this theory. For more information, please see Southworth-Southard DNA Project. Now is the time for family researchers to be tested and for those who have tested fewer than 37 markers to upgrade, hopefully to at least 37, if not the full 67. The marker panels that seem to have the greatest potential for mutations in our project member lines are between 13 and 37. For more information about how mutations define lineages -- the ultimate purpose of Y-DNA testing -- see the tutorials at this website and at World Families Network. For more about this project, see Southworth-Southard DNA Project.