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Description and Overview of the Snodgrass DNA Study

The Snodgrass Surname Y-chromosome DNA Study is a volunteer genealogical activity, whose ultimate aim is to use DNA patterns for tracing Snodgrass families worldwide and for discovering relationships among these families. Although the project is coordinated by amateur genealogists, actual lab work is done by professionals at the University of Arizona through Family Tree DNA (FTDNA).

Our study like other DNA surname studies is based on Y-chromosome DNA, which is possessed only by males. It is passed from fathers to sons virtually unchanged over hundreds of years. Therefore, direct participants in DNA surname studies necessarily must be males.

Direct participants in our particular study, that is, people who are actually tested, must be males either (1) carrying the Snodgrass surname or (2) descended directly in an unbroken male-to-male line from a Snodgrass-surnamed male.

Please note, however, that if you are not a candidate yourself, you are still welcome to assist in recruiting new candidates for testing. In this regard, we hope you can pass this message along to others who might be interested -- or even persuade one of your Snodgrass-surnamed male relatives to submit a DNA sample for our project.

So if you have a Snodgrass brother, father, cousin, nephew, or uncle who has at least a slight interest in genealogy, maybe you can help enlist them in our research.

DNA samples for the study are furnished by means of a gentle "swab" inside the mouth. The test is about as much trouble as brushing your teeth and is completely painless. It does not involve drawing blood or other intrusive methods, and it is done at home with a small kit mailed directly to participants. The cost is modest and results may be kept private if a participant wishes.

No project member receives any money from the study. The only money that changes hands is the fees paid to FTDNA for the test kit and lab work, and they give us a very good discount below their normal charges.